Kotak 811 Mobile Banking App Full Guide and FAQ

Kotak 811 A New Dawn in The Banking Sector

Kotak Mahindra bank has come up with the new plan which aims to change the way people bank in India.

It has recently come up with the plan that is a step further to take the initiative of making the digital India. The plan Kotak 811 is one of the revolutionary ideas that the bank has come up with.

Kotak 811 FAQ

1. What Kotak ‘811’ number means?

The name of the plan 811 is one of the ways in which the bank has tried to seize one of the recent big revolution in the banking sector. It is the date on which the Prime minister of India declared the demonetization move. In the remembrance of the day which shook the nation with the move and which is considered to be a revolutionary step to make a better and digital India. The bank came up with this plan and named it after the date of the declaration of demonetization.

2. Kotak 811 customer care numbers:

  • Banking Helpline Numbers: 1860 266 2666***

  • Credit Card Helpline Numbers: 1860 266 2666***

  • Abroad Helpline Numbers: +91 22 6600 6022

When dialing from abroad the banking and credit card numbers will not get connected and to call our Kotak 811 customer service from any country outside India please use either the 24 hour abroad helpline number which is chargeable* or the below 24 hour country specific toll free numbers.

NRI Customers and Kotak Multi Currency World Travel Card customers can call the following respective toll free numbers for each country: USA – 1855 365 6767, AUSTRALIA – 001180044990000, HONG KONG – 00180044990000, U. K. – 0080044990000, CANADA – 18557684020, SINGAPORE – 8001013054

The banking and credit card helpline numbers are for Indian customers only. These numbers are available 24-hour #pan India.

You are advised to dial the Helpline number 1860 266 2666. Alternatively you can also call us on the following local phone banking numbers **


* Charges are payable as per the service provider in the respective country or location.
** For Top 8 cities only. Availability of Service is dependent on your service provider.
*** Local Call Rates Apply.
# Only during Business hours for Corporate Bank customers.

  • Personal Loans & Home Loans are offered in selected locations only
  • The call centre for Personal Loan and Home Loan is operational between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm.

3. How to use the Kotak 811 app?

This mobile banking app service has many features and benefits that are given directly to the customers. The mobile will be a bank for all their needs. They can now easily carry the bank in the pocket and operate it as per their liking. Anyone can download and install the application. It is easily available on the Google play store and soon will be available at the Apple store.

  1. You just need to download the Kotak Mobile Banking App by visiting the playstore section on your Android phone.
  2. Click ‘Get Started Now’ to begin the process of account opening, which would require you to be ready with PAN and Aadhaar Details.
  3. A Customer Relationship Number (CRN) would be generated and thus enable you to use your account.

Packed with custom and convenient features, the app brings the world of enjoyment to your feet by letting you shop, pay bills, transfer funds, as well as book travel & movie tickets with the use of your fingertips, isn’t it great?

Download the latest Kotak 811 app Android and iPhone here:

download kotak 811 app android

download kotak 811 app iphone

4. How to add money in kotak 811?

All these must have created goosebumps and inched you towards opening the magnanimous Kotak 811, right! But, have you thought of the ways by which you can deposit the money here? We tell you the simple way to do it. Just use the payment gateway using the debit card or net banking, NEFT, IMPS of other bank account and get the money deposited in your account. For those who already hold an account opening relationship with Kotak, they use can also use the debit card and other transfer mediums pertaining to that account to deposit the money in 811.

5. How long does it take?

To enroll the user need to feed the Aadhar number along with PAN details. The OTP will be sent back and the customers can authenticate the account. So, anyone can apply for the savings account and get the account open all by themselves in no time. It will hardly take 5 minutes to complete the entire process, in the time you finish the cup of your tea, you would have enrolled and opened a savings account of yours. Also, the rates offered by the bank on savings account ranges from 5% to 6% which is higher than other banks.

A World of Benefits Await with Kotak 811

1. Zero balance

Kotak 811, as told earlier, comes with a zero balance offer, giving you an extra yard of convenience that doesn’t remain when there is a requirement of a specific amount of balance to be maintained. The customer who tends to open the account balance within the plan can open the account with zero balance. The problem of maintaining the minimum balance is no more with the customers. So, now with zero balance increase your savings at the rate of 5%-6% p.a. It is one of the best ways to open the savings account and avail the benefits offered by the bank.

2. Gain Upto 6% Interest

Well, the account does come with a zero balance, but when you have the opportunity to earn more, why not deposit huge and let the corpus become big with the days? Yes, you read it perfectly! It’s the 6% interest, which has been running across the advertisement mediums for years be it electronic, print or digital media. If you keep the balance of the account in the range of 1 lakh-5 crore in Kotak 811, the interest rate offered is an impressive 6%. For account holders having a balance of upto 1 lakh, a 5% interest awaits.

3. What is virtual debit card?

What would go through your mind when you take your love to a popular shopping mall or a lavish food court? Amazing, right! But when you put your hand into the wallet and do not find the card, how would you and your love interest react? Kotak virtual debit cardCan’t express that frustration in words? All these miseries are set to go away with the virtual debit card offer of Kotak 811, which would be fitted in your mobile. A few taps with the said card and all your bills, recharge and other expenses can be paid instantly.

Now, with the introduction of the digital virtual debit card, it has made the payment far more easy and convenient. The cards are no more to be carried in the wallets rather it is now within our mobile phone. The customer does not need to provide the card to others in order to pay. With the service of scan and pay, the customer only needs to scan and pay directly. So, the cash and cards are now the passe and digital payment is the reality. This facility is only available to few outlets and over 10,000 online merchants, it hopes to increase the outlets where the services can be extended and make it available everywhere.

4. Kotak 811 mobile app

It is the mobile app which contains all the other applications as well. So, you can now free your mobile memory by discarding all the other apps. Through this, the customers can easily pay, shop, book movies tickets, flight tickets or bus tickets. It is all in one app for the users. The app allows you to transfer the money with the help of one-time transfer service. The customers can perform all the tasks without much hassle. The process provides the simple steps for the users so that they get all the facilities within one mobile application.

It is one of the safest and secured ways to make the payments and banking. The bank has made sure that the mobile application is one of the best and safe modes of operations for the customers. It has double protected authentication for better safety. It means that it uses credentials for authentications. It ensures that it provide the extra layer of security and validation. Thus reducing the risk of security threats or breaches for ensuring the safety.

Not only that it is the app which will help the customers to get all services that the bank offers, make available in their mobile phone. The users can avail loan and make investments through this app. The bank does not charge any fees for the all digital transactions and will give a the free virtual debit card.

Thus, Kotak 811 plan is one of the best and easily accessible plans which has over 100 mobile features and is ensured about the safety of the app.

5. It’s a Shopper’s Delight

Shopping freaks can use Kotak 811 to pay for their favourite movies and accessories using one app. Forego the multiple apps and use one app for all your shopping desires.

Explained on a point-to-point basis, I hope, Kotak 811 is all set to make the word ‘ Convenience’ true to your case. So, tap Kotak 811 to explore the new form of digital banking.

The Savings Account for Kids

My Junior Account – The Savings Account for Kids

Kotak Junior Account is designed to inculcate the habit of savings in children from an early age and help parents build a corpus for their child’s future.

It comes with a first of its kind personalized Junior ID card for children bundled with host of exclusive privileges across dining, edutainment and shopping on kids brands.

The Junior Proposition is a bundled offering that includes:

Junior Savings Account – an NMC waived Nova Account (NMC waiver is subject to conditions some and conditions apply in T&C).

Guardian Savings Account – You can choose from a host of our Savings Account variants designed to give you a worry-free banking experience.

Invest in Recurring Deposit / Systematic Investment Plan as little as 2000^ per month (minimum tenure of 36 months)

^ 1000 or above for Semi-Urban & Rural Branches

Special Introductory offer just for your Junior

Our exciting introductory offer for the first year of account opening, gives you the option to choose from either Movie Tickets (PVR) or Book Vouchers (Landmark), by simply investing regularly in RD or SIP.

Monthly Investment Plan No.of. Movie Tickets or Book Vouchers
RD / SIP of 5,000 < 10,000 4
RD / SIP of 10,000 and above 8

Junior account also offers:

  • Earn up to 6% p.a. interest on savings account balance over Rs 1 lakh and up to Rs 5 crs. Earn 5% p.a. interest on savings account balance up to Rs 1 lakh and 5.5% p.a. interest on savings account balance above Rs 5 crs. Applicable for Resident Accounts only.
  • Tax free interest up to 1,500 on Savings Account
  • Personalized Debit Cards on request for kids above 10 yrs of age
    (daily withdrawal limit of 5,000)
  • Discounts on dining, edutainment and shopping

Kotak Jifi Neo Enjoy Best-in-Class Services

If 811 was a trailer grabbing the attention of customers and shutterbugs, Kotak Mahindra Bank has dished out another game changer, Kotak Jifi, having many variants like Neo, which is up for discussion today. A revolutionary banking service can be called to address Kotak Jifi Neo. The news of Jifi Neo might give sleepless nights to Kotak’s competitors, but the customers can laugh all the way to the bank by availing top-class services and having sweet dreams in their sleep.

So, what’s great about Kotak Jifi Neo that has got the world go ga-ga over it? I am sure, you would want to know that, right! Let’s reveal the mystery that the service has in store for you.

1. Zero Balance Saving Account – The Buzz Word That Runs Deep into the Masses

What has caught the attention of the masses is the zero balance saving account that Jifi Neo comes up with. In addition, there are plenty more services that can capture your imagination like a duck takes to water. One such is the ease at which a saving bank account can be opened at Kotak Mahindra Bank, the fourth largest private sector bank. You don’t need to visit the branches to open the account as it can be done anytime, anywhere. Visit the website of Kotak Jifi, sign up through email or Facebook and complete the online application process. However, a fee of ₹5,000 would have to be paid for the activation of the account. You can pay the same through net banking of other bank or hand over a cheque to the bank executive who would come to your doorstep to collect the Know Your Customer (KYC) documents. Post the submission of the documents, you just need to wait for 7-10 working days to get your account activated.

2. Kotak Jifi Neo Benefits at a Glance

In addition to no requirement of minimum balance, Jifi Neo has much more that you could think of. So, folks, just run through the benefits that are calling out loud.

  1. Opportunity to Rake in Higher Interest Income – An interest rate of 5% per annum on balances of 1 lakh and 5.50%-6% above 1 lakh to Upto 5 Crore is the reward of depositing the money in this account. Yes, it’s a zero balance account. But if you have surplus money, then why not keep that in this account and become richer.
  2. Free Money Transfer – You can tune in to net banking to transfer your funds without disturbing your wallet by using any of the mediums like NEFT/RTGS/IMPS. Yes, it comes free of cost. So, why use the cheque to transfer money when you have Kotak Jifi Neo with you. Banks across India do charge a nominal fee for such transfer.
  3. Free Debit Card – The Jifi Neo account holders would be rewarded with zero-cost Classic Debit Card.
  4. Free Account Statement – You can get a quarterly physical account statement and monthly e-mail statement free of cost. However, the account bears some charges for offline transactions which you can check out below.
  5. Cash Deposit Charges – A deposit of up to INR 10,000 is free each month. After that, a minimum charge of INR 100 will be levied. The same norms and charges exist for cash withdrawal from the branches.
  6. ATM Withdrawal Charges – 5 cash withdrawals each from Kotak Bank ATM and other bank ATM come with free of cost. Thereafter, a charge of INR 20 per instance is chargeable on the account. However, when it comes to withdrawal from other bank ATM, there is a cap of 3 free transactions in top six cities.

Apply for the Kotak 811 Jifi Neo Now!

You can always check your Kotak Jifi application status online

Hope, we have been successful in learning the phenomenon of new digital banking wave, Kotak Jifi Neo. Don’t wait, just open the account by logging into Kotak Jifi through your mobile or desktop. I reiterate, do maintain a healthy balance and enjoy a greater amount of interest to raise your money meter.

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