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When you need money for unplanned expenses, you look at the various loans available to you. Choosing the best unsecured loans needs research and an understanding of how banks view you as a borrower.
A high-risk borrower will be charged a higher rate of interest because of a default risk.

Credit scores explained

  • Bad scores can either be caused by a bankruptcy, missed payments, or having little-to-no credit history. This causes higher interest rates and fees and also limits the number of credit cards you can choose from.
  • Average scores are commonly caused by having too much “bad” debt, like carrying high balances that are close to your limit. This affects your trust level with credit lenders and leads to higher interest rates.
  • Good scores allow for lower interest rates and fees and your choices of available credit cards are much greater — including those that offer rewards like cash back on purchases or airline travel miles.
  • Excellent scores allow you to experience the best benefits, lowest interest rates and highest credit limits. In this range, there are many cards that offer great fringe benefits and this is something to compare cards by.
personal loans, loans, debt consolidation
personal loans, loans, debt consolidation

How to get a credit card with bad credit?

Bad Credit Credit Cards Reviews

Easiest Credit Card with Bad Credit

Easiest Credit Card with Bad Credit

There are times when consumers just get into a bad credit situation. We often get into credit card debts because of our own faults. With time it accumulates into a huge amount and then it becomes impossible for us to pay it …