Why is Dog Health Insurance Important?

Dogs are friendly, highly responsive, extremely energetic and curious by nature. No surprise why they earned the title of “man's best friend”!

It is this playful nature and tendency for outdoor games and sports that make your dogs prone to injuries and diseases. With the costs of vet treatments and medical procedures rising, it is imperative for dog owners to opt for insurance.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider obtaining insurance for your dog's health.

Save Yourself from Unexpected Vet Expenses

As expensive as dog health insurance seems at first, in the longer run, it is still cheaper than the cost of medical treatment. The insurance requires a minimal premium per month, spread over the life of the animal (up to 10 years normally).

A normal visit to the vet would cost around $500 to $5000 per incident. This is further aggregated by cost of treatment, e.g. a dental treatment for a dog would cost around $ 50,000.

Dog Health Insurance significantly reduces your net payment and reimburses a fixed percentage of your costs. It covers and pays for all accidents and illnesses your dog may face.

Wide Range of Medical Plans Offered

Health insurance for dogs is not only restricted to accidents or injuries. Premium insurance plans and packages provide coverage for your all your expenses in respect of the following:

 Routine checkups

 Flea removal

 Vaccination charges

 Prescription medications

 Common medical tests; and

 Blood sample and urine analysis.

Hence, insurance will provide complete medical care for your dog. It will also significantly contribute towards your cost saving and prolonged life and well-being of your dog.

Certain insurance providers also offer special packages at reduced premiums where you own more than one dog. These plans will save your overall costs of dog treatment.

Dogs are More Susceptible to Injuries and Accidents

Certain dog breeds are more playful than others. For example, your average Labrador can be a handful, while Chihuahua exhibit decent behavior. However, that does not render the latter safe from any injuries, illnesses or diseases.

Dogs, on an average, are more susceptible to injuries than any other animal.

Having appropriate health insurance plan for your canine friend is your ultimate back up.

Save Your Dog from Quacks!

Every health insurance provider has a list of approved, accredited and recognized vet clinics where medical treatment is allowed and costs can be reimbursed.

By obtaining a valid dog health insurance plan, you can save your dogs from any malpractice conducted at any unrecognized or unregistered veterinary clinic (private).

Similarly, health insurance packages would also facilitate the initiation of any legal proceedings against any medical practitioner involved in malpractice at a recognized clinic.

Your Investment Will Be Worth It

Dog insurance plans are worth your investment. Not only do they protect your bank balance from emergency veterinary expenses, they also ensure your dog lives a long and healthy life.

For anyone who loves their dog more than anything or has invested heavily to buy and keep one, dog health insurance can ensure your financial and emotional well being too.

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