Why Direct Auto Insurance?

Certain companies, such as Direct General Auto Insurance or commonly called Direct Auto Insurance surely has some interesting programs and comprehensive guidance to help customers, both new and existing ones, to make a purchase or renew policies.

Virtual Coverage Assistant

Most companies do have agents, but Direct Auto Insurance offers online communication with the company's agents who guide customers to decide what coverage they need based on their circumstances; this service is called Virtual Coverage Assistant. In such service, customers will need to answer few basic questions, for example state, current insurance, roadside assistant, etc. Based on the answers, Virtual Coverage Assistant will list all the coverage policies you need. It is not a complicated procedure, but a very effective one to at least provide a general overview of what you actually need from auto insurance.

Coverage Options

The coverage options, as a general rule, have to comply with the rules of each state. Virtual Coverage Assistant takes that consideration into account, and it allows you to ask for free quotes after you see the results/recommendations. Most states require drivers to at least have Bodily Injury Liability Coverage, Property Damage Liability, and Personal Injury Protection. Thankfully, Direct Auto Insurance provides those and various optional coverage as well such as Comprehensive, Medical Payments, Rental Reimbursement, Accidental Death Coverage, Towing, Uninsured Motorist, and more. In most cases, Direct Auto Insurance has what it takes to give you reliable protection with all its coverage options regardless of where you live.

To prevent massive expense following an accident, EPP (Emergency Protection Plans) is also available to cover different kinds of payments which are not actually covered by the insurance policies you currently have.


Direct Auto Insurance also offers various discounts for customers. Car insurance is not a cheap purchase, so the availability of discounts can greatly reduce the overall cost. One of the biggest discounts from Direct Auto Insurance is Military Discount which allows you to save up to 25% of the overall premium. There are also discounts for senior citizen, safe driver (no tickets or accidents for the past 3 years), and good students, too. Apart from those generous offers for drivers, you may also save some money with Direct Auto Insurance if you are eligible with vehicle discounts, for example with low mileage and if you have multiple vehicles insured.

Certain method of payment is probably good for someone, but it is not always for everybody else. This is why Direct Auto Insurance has many different possible payment methods for the customers.

Armando Guerra Photo You are allowed to purchase by paying the entire premium fee for a year in full or by installments. It is even possible to pay with cash at local Direct Auto Insurance office, online by debit card, auto-pay online, and even via pay-by-text-message.

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