What SMSF Association’s Higher Authorities Have Got To Say About It?

The pressure on the Age Pension must be reduced while Government delivers superannuation policy, said by SMSF Association chief executive Andrea Slattery. While addressing national conference of SMSF Association in Adelaide, Slattery had also shown concern for increasing improbability and market instability in superannuation industry, too. She later also added that the market, of late, had witnessed an increased level of debate regarding such instability and uncertainty of superannuation industry.

Subsequently, the executive went on to reference the extent to which The Treasury had made some apparent adjustments with the real cost of superannuation tax allowances. The purpose of her address to the national conference was to trigger the Government Policy so as to reduce the pressure on Age Pension and persuade increased incomes of retirement for autonomy.

She said, for the superannuation industry, it was very significant to focus on the major policy errors and stop it from becoming the reason of disagreement. Her concern was to bring policy certainty in regard to money commitment by the elderly citizens. They should not be asked for different amounts of money to be a member of self managed super fund in Brisbane.

On the very other day, Peter Williams, Deloitte's chief edge office, came up with an opinion and he said that self-managed superannuation funds looked to be a disruptor in the default superannuation industry. Following this story, William also showed a serious concern towards the ascendancy of Australian Prudential Regulation Authority-governed funds in the space sponsored by the employers and asked to target this specific area for a review. He came up with such concerns while addressing annual conference of SMSFs Association.

Towards the end of the conference, his wordings referred to another big issue with Self Managed Super Funds. He said that Self Managed Super Funds had proved to be a disruptor in the superannuation liberty and it should not go cozy with any company's fail of one-third retail funds and SMS Funds. He also added that circumstances in which Australian Prudential Regulation Authority-governed fund holds more than 80% of the employer-sponsored super segment, this corresponded to a good opportunity for Self Managed Super Funds to be tailed.

Then again, with a new year, a new policy comes up which states that Self Managed Superannuation Fund Members, who use services of accountants in Gold Coast area must ask their accountants to hold limited financial service license under their own rights or they can also be under someone else's license but only as authorized representatives. The reason behind holding limited financial service license is to allow the accountants for setting up and closing Self Managed Super Funds under their own rights. It also enables them to advise on asset allocation within the committed funds along with accounting service.

Eagle SMSF Auditing Brisbane is one of popular names in the accountants Gold Coast industry. They provide arm’s length SMSF audit service to anywhere in Australia. On the 1st July 2106 they will be licensed under the new financial services legislation regime to provide ongoing advice to the trustee’s of self managed super fund Brisbane .

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