What Benefit Do You Get From Medi Claim Insurance?

If you had to be hospitalized for a small duration or until the time you recover, can you imagine the amount of money that has to be spent? Expenses arising from treatment plus stay at the hospital can be enormous and difficult to deal with. You suddenly have to make arrangements for cash so that payment can be made at the hospital. It is situations like this, where having health insurance proves to be of immense help.

How can mediclaim protect you and your family?

Mediclaim insurance will protect you from unexpected financial expenses arising from a sudden medical treatment. The problem can be something slight or it can be something severe, nevertheless, insurance will compensate for it, so that you can concentrate on other matters that need attention. Hence removes financial burden of medical bills from your shoulders.

Ritu's father was fine so he did not bother to take any medical tests. Suddenly he suffered from a mild heart attack, which arose because he did not know he had blood pressure. The sudden hospitalization was managed by the family because he had taken health insurance. Here the policy helped to pay for hospitalization expenses. In case of severe situations such as a critical illness, it will pay a lump sum that can be used for not just hospital expenses, but also to maintain the family.

Though there are so many different types of polices available, most people opt for the comprehensive policy. It provides compensation for the following:

  • Day care procedures
  • Expenses happening before and after hospitalization
  • Room rent
  • Domiciliary hospitalization expenses
  • Critical illness
  • Personal accident

There are so many add-on benefits that you can opt such as daily hospital cash, recovery grant, children education fund, expenses for accompanying partner, ambulance charge, home nursing and much more. A basic health insurance policy will not cost much. The cost will rise depending on the add-ons that you have taken. Taking a floater policy enables you to get coverage for the entire family. Coverage is given for you, your spouse and two dependent children. It is to be noted that no medical tests have to be taken for availing health insurance till you are 55 years of age.

How to get health insurance?

Now there is no need to in person to get a health insurance policy. Online health insurance saves the trouble of having to go in person to the insurance company. Just visit the company's website, fill in the application form and submit it. You will get a policy number which is to be used for premium payments and when making a claim.

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