What Are The Top Benefits of Buying a Home in Fiji?

What kind of place is best for holidaying? Quiet mountainous region or beautiful islands come in mind. There is a place on earth where people can enjoy both mountainous and seaside terrain. The name of that beautiful place is Fiji. It is not just a holiday destination but any outsider can buy property and settle there. It is constantly ranked in the top of the census of best countries in the world to retire. Fiji real estate sector is highly developed due to outside influence especially from developed English speaking nations.

Some details about this beautiful island country

Fiji is located in the South Pacific Ocean northeast of Australia and north of New Zealand. It has 330 islands out of which only 110 are inhabited by people. It is a former British colony and one of the most developed nations in South Pacific Ocean. 87% of the population lives on two major islands of Fiji named Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. The group of islands in Fiji are volcanic and mountainous with beautiful beaches surrounding every island. The island got unspoilt coral reefs making them perfect place for scuba diving.

The economy of the island country is heavily backed on tourism. Due, to this reason, the government is fully supporting Fiji property sales for outsiders. 10% of the land is booked as freehold land which means it can be sold, leased, and rented to foreigners. The infrastructure of Fiji is world-class and specially made according to the needs of tourists visiting the country.

Life in Fiji

The conditions in Fiji are perfect for adventure seekers and nature lovers. The islands offer ample opportunities for sailing, surfing, boating, kayaking, and snorkelling. The scuba diving centre in Fiji offers 22 different kinds of dives. These dives give vacationers an opportunity to explore the lush marine life and crystal clear waters of south Pacific Ocean. There are nearly 300 species of fishes which can be found by divers in the island country. There are resorts which offer guests a chance to swim in the sea alongside dolphins. There are various places for rafting where tourists can explore stunning canyons and majestic waterfalls. Island hopping is also a fun-filled experience. Private boats and ferries take tourists from island to island.

Most of the islands in Fiji are made by volcanic activities although these volcanoes stopped erupting thousands of years ago such that none of the volcanoes is active now. These volcanic activities peppered the Fijian landscape with tall mountains which are perfect for mountain biking and hiking. Visitors can rent a bicycle and explore these beautiful mountains. Visitors can go for bird watching and experience hiking trails in a sub-tropical rainforest.

The native people of Fiji welcome outsiders in a heart-warming manner. They offer traditional food and drinks which are made up of seafood, homegrown fruits and vegetables etc. The life in Fiji is perfect for both youngsters and retired people. There are the different property for sale in Fiji giving chance to outsiders to live their life in a fun-filled yet peaceful way without any worries.

In this article, the author is telling about the type of life outsiders experience in Fiji and the importance of investing in Fiji real estate .

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