Two Wheeler Insurance Online To Quickly Get Coverage

It is mandatory by law to have two wheeler insurance, so it has to be applied right after you purchase a bike or a scooter. It protects you from the unexpected when driving on the roads. Traffic congested roads make driving very risky. Even experienced drivers can face problems such as a crash or a collision. In such situations, medical and repair expenses are difficult to cope. Having insurance brings down their cost and takes away the financial burden from the situation, so that you can concentrate on other important matters.

Get two wheeler insurance online

If you don't have the time to go get insurance for your bike or scooter, apply for it online. The application process is easy and won't take much time. No need to travel to the company and fill a lot of paper forms. Just visit the insurance company's website and fill their online bike insurance application. Submit it in the site and the company will get back to you with an insurance policy number. You can also make payment for premiums online.

How does bike insurance protect you?

The tough roads today can cause an accident or an injury unexpectedly. Having insurance protects you in the following way:

  • It pays out if your vehicle is damaged in an accident or fire
  • In the event of vehicle theft it compensates for the loss
  • If you injure a third party in an accident it pays out for the expenses arising from this incident
  • When property belonging to a third party is damaged, it compensates for the losses arising from the incident
  • If a personal accident causes permanent disability or loss of life for the driver or fellow passengers it offers a lump sum payment.

Bike insurance policy has to be renewed annually and doing this before the policy expiry date entitles you to a no claim bonus. There will also be no inspection on the vehicle. Bike insurance renewal can be done online, by filling in a renewal form.

Two wheeler insurance is very flexible. If you decide to sell the vehicle, you can transfer existing insurance to the new owner. You can also transfer it to the bike or scooter that you are buying to replace the old one.

How to make a claim on the policy?

You can make a claim by filling in an online claims form. Submit it with relevant documents to get an approval. Money will be provided to you in a short while. If you have cashless coverage, repair can be done in any of the garages that fall under the insurer's network by just showing your insurance policy number. The insurance company will directly pay the garage for expenses.

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