Top 3 Things That Foreign Buyers Should Know Before Speculating In US Real Estate

Foreign national mortgage loans are designed for helping international investors, like you, to buy Commercial and Multifamily real estate in the US. So this mortgage type is specific and important. But we've seen a lot of times that you may not know much about the specifics involved in buying US real estate. Which is why, we have crafted this post so that foreigners know a thing or two before buying commercial or multifamily property in this country.

Foreigners can easily borrow in the US to buy a new home

Here comes relief for all nervous foreign investors-even if you aren't born in the U.S, you may easily take a commercial mortgage for buying real estate in this country. U.S Lenders will offer loan up to 50 percent of the property price to you. However, you may have to meet a few bare requirements, such as you may need a US bank account with deposits of nearly 6 months reserves USD of your new total Principle, Intersest, Taxes and Insurance. Further, you have to factor in a number of taxes while buying properties, whether commercial or private, in the States.

International buyers, you do not have pay for any agent

Working alongside a real-estate agent isn't a need for you if you wish to buy a house in this country. And even if you decide to work with an agent while buying a property, you should never worry about paying a commission fee. Actually, sellers may have to pay their listing agents a commission of anywhere between 5 percent and 6 percent of the selling price whenever the deal gets finalized. So even if you hire agents, they may get their cut from listing agents.

You may have to tell investors about your international identity

Whenever you buy investment properties in cash via an offshore company, your identity has to be disclosed in a number of situations. So if you're thinking to buy U.S real estate, then you may have to disclose your identity to the American investors who're supporting your speculation endeavor. So here's the deal for now, foreign investors. If you have found this post useful, then do share it with others in your circle. While looking forward to securing a foreign national loan, you should ensure that you have a reliable alternative real estate financing lender by your side. Such a reliable foreign national commercial or multifamily mortgage lenders have the experience and expertise in offering a range of commercial mortgage solutions to foreigners who want to buy US real estate.

Park West Capital has the resources, expertise, and experience to deliver foreign national loans that serves your commercial purpose well. For more information on this lender and its suite of financial services, call 800-969-4901 or write via email at [email protected]

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