Tips for Learner Drivers

When it comes to driving on South African roads, learner drivers need to be wary of a handful of safety hazards and take a number of precautions, which can often be overwhelming. Not only does a learner driver need to be aware of the erratic and unpredictable habits of motorists, they also need to be aware of the clause that is set out in the car insurance policy of the vehicle that they are driving.

Being a learner driver in South Africa is not easy – the rules of the road are simple to learn, however, it is getting used to the behaviour of other drivers that requires some patience and persistence. A few helpful tips will ensure that learner drivers are kept safe and are aware of the various rules of the road. If you've just scored your learner's license, take a look at these simple tips before you set out on the road:

Know the Rules

The number one rule for learner drivers is to be aware of the rules. And when we say rules, we mean all of them. As a learner driver, your best defence against erratic drivers is to know the rules of the road to the point where you're able to get yourself out of many risky driving situations. Once you've written your test and passed, ensure that you refresh your skills by going through the prescribed book before you take to the roads. Also keep in mind that learner drivers are required to have a licenced driver in the car when they drive on public roads.

Know the Signs

Road signs can be confusing for learner and licensed drivers alike. Most South African drivers are unsure of a variety of road signs, which can often lead to a number of accidents. While you recap on the rules of the road, ensure that you recap on the signs too. Know the difference between a sign for a cul-de-sac and a right of way chevron. Not only will this guarantee that you are kept safe on the roads but also that you obey the signs of the road, and ensure the safety of other drivers.

Be Vigilant

Due to the unpredictable behaviour of road users, learner drivers are encouraged to be vigilant at all times. Learner drivers are also encouraged to be aware of both peripheral and blind spots, and also be aware of the activity around the vehicle at stop streets and traffic lights. Due to the high crime rates in South Africa, learner drivers are vulnerable, soft targets for those who are looking to hijack vehicles. Always be aware of those who are around your vehicle, suspicious activity and anyone who walks too close to your windows.

As a learner driver, you might feel that you have unnecessary pressure on your shoulders to keep safe and remain vigilant. However, the habits that you form during your early days of driving will be carried throughout your life. Get into the habit of good, responsible driving and you'll reap the rewards for years to come.

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