The meaning of a Car Insurance Estimator

Car insurance Estimator will estimate the amount you have to pay for your car. There are several factors included in estimation.

Age is one such factor. The premium rate for an 18 year old can double or even triple their parents' car insurance annual premium. The reason behind this is the Experience. Less experienced driver will have to pay higher rates. Statistically less experienced drivers will face more accidents. And they will belong with the riskiest category. That is why the premium rates are high.

Second factor is the place where you live. If you are living in a highly populated urban area, the chances for insurance claims are high and also the injuries and accidents. But if you are living in a rural area, it won't cost you much. Here the rate of stolen cars in your area, fraudulent claims will take in to an account.

Some cars are cheaper to insure than others. The reason is the Car insurance will take the cars where they are having records of the most wrecks and worst injuries. These factors will allow you to pay for liability insurance which will be covering the damage that you cause to others. The cars which are more expensive, and which will cost you more to repair will also charge higher premium.

The next factor is your civil status/ marital status. Statistically they have found that married couples will face less accidents than single ones. Rates can be 6% to 15 % lower for married couples when compared with the single ones. Other than that married couple can have discounts which comes under multipolicy discount.

Apart from that your driving record will also a factor when calculating the premium. Safe drivers will get a discount for keeping a clean driving record. The ones who have recorded with high number of accidents and claims will have to pay a high rate than others. Some insurance companies will reject if you have go through more than 5 accidents within three years. It is important to protect your good driver discount for your own good.

There is a difference between insurance companies. They follow state laws and apart from that their coverage will be based on their own rules and regulations. One company will look for your driving history for two years while some other company will look for 5 years.

So most importantly if you are not sure about your car insurance estimations , you have the freedom to talk to your agent. Use your own calculator and determine what is needed and what is correct for your state. Always make sure that you are not comparing apple to oranges but apples to apples.

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