The land of dreams-Maryland

Wherever we go in our lives, what we need is a secure ground where we can stay. No matter, what heights we reach, we always need a ground to keep our feet's secure. It is one of the easiest, quickest, safest and reliable ways to do investment. Builders have come across with many attractive deals for the same. There are many plots in Pune that are kept for sale. Pune is a well- developed city of Maharashtra and is well connected with other parts of the country. This key feature of the city is an added asset for the people who are planning to invest on land. There are many builders and realtors in the city who claims to provide the best investments plots in Pune. Among all the names, Maryland is one of the most trusted names among people of the city. We are a group of realtors and builders that are serving the city with the uttermost satisfaction. There are many residential plots in Pune that are ready to be occupied. We at our service make sure that every new client who

connects with us gets the privilege of being a special addition to our family. We are a trusted name in the last 7 years. We started in Pune with a motto of helping people to get more and more plots at a reasonable price. In all those years, we completely focus on the requirements of our clients. We keep ourselves always engaged in becoming the most preferred choice of a wise investor. We deal with the people who are looking to buy a land. In this uncertain world, there is a need to be a part of an organization that can assure you of the quality and the services. We at Maryland are happy to state that in the past years of our work, we are known for the excellence we bring in our work. The stairs of success we have climbed is a total outcome of the dedication and determination we kept in our work. We are able to attain a renowned name because of the promises we worked upon. We are best known for being transparent, legally sound and for the delivery of on-time projects. We keep

our work on a track with a systematic approach. To stay transparent with our work, we make sure that every step of our process is being performed in front of you. We understand what it takes to make a heavy investment. We respect the arduous work you have done to make this possible. To make sure, there is no ground of doubt in your mind, we always try to be connected with you in every process so that, a decent amount of transparency is being carried out by us. We believe in the spark of trust we can see in your eyes and we will try to make that spark glitter more and more with us. We are the land providers in the city who believe in building trust more than building a business. Apart from being transparent, we are also known for keeping proper documentations of our projects. We believe, long term healthy relationships are made with the token of security. This can be only assured with the help of proper documentation from both the parties. We work with the strategy of being

confident with our work and the same confidence we always try to build in our clients. We always provide a clear documentation of the projects, so that the worries of our clients could be minimized. We are entitled to let your investment be your smartest decision in life. Our projects are the most reliable and economical projects, currently available in the city. We have ongoing projects that cover plots in Hinjewadi, Pune. Real assets (Phase i- iv) at phaseI Hinjewadi, is one of the projects on which we are working. Hinjewadi is like a second home for IT industry. We started this project with a vision to make IT people build their first home near their second home. Apart from IT audience, our target audience is the people who love to stay at grounds with the heights in their eyes. The surrounding includes a hub of entertainment as there are many shopping malls, markets, in and around the place. Moreover, the connectivity of the place with the other parts of the city is also

very high. Public transport is very active in the area. This adds an asset to our project. Along with the residential plots, we are also entitled to provide farm plots in the city. We have two ongoing projects in our hands that account for making an investment on the farm land. We have a project named as Bhugaon that is located in Chandni Chowk area of the city. We endeavor to provide the farmlands in this area. People who wish to make an investment in such land are always invited. The quality and assurance of service are same for us. The third project, on which we are working, is “Milian Country” Pirangut. It is again a project which is based on the selling of the farm land. The location of the project is near the Pirangut MIDC. We are always available for solving the queries of our valuable customers. Our operations have always been transparent and crystal- clear process that always attains the maximum trust from our delighted customers. Your hard- earned money is your pride

and we are happy to make your investment a fast return. We provide clear land title to you so that there is no point of any doubt in your mind. We are entitled to serve you with the best of market trends because we believe if you are investing with us once, you are going to be a smart investor who will love to invest again and again with our upcoming projects in near future. As someone has stated, “The biggest investment on earth is investing on earth”!! We always try to make the same for you,you're your uttermost satisfaction!


we are back with yet another attractive project of residential plots in Pune . Our current project offers you the best residential plots in Pune at an affordable price.

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