THE ABCs of Long Term Insurance Coverage

Often a subject that is difficult to discuss with our families, long term care insurance in Texas has become a necessity for many. As we live longer, we tend to rely on others for our basic needs and this kind of coverage ensures that we receive assistance in basic activities of daily living.

There are many benefits covered by long term care insurance in Texas. In the Lone Star State, Medicare will pay for some benefits but they are quite limited. Purchasing an additional policy will help you rest assured that, should you need it, you will be aided by professionals in the following:

Home Care – Licensed healthcare professionals come in your home. These may be visiting nurses, social workers, physical therapists, or even dieticians. Depending on which daily function you are unable to do on your own, the appropriate skilled worker will be visiting you daily. Some of the activities they will help you with are light house cleaning, meal preparation, bathing and dressing, taking your medications, or shopping for groceries. This type of coverage allows you to remain in your own home, avoid burdening relatives and neighbors, and still remain independent.

Assisted Living – The cost of assisted living facilities had risen tremendously and is a significant strain on the family's budget. This kind of coverage will pay for your stay in such a residence where you can still have your own room or apartment. Staffed with medical professionals and populated by other seniors, this type of living is a great way to feel safe and to make new friends. The number one complaint of elderly people is how lonely they are when their children are busy with their own lives and driving or getting out of the house is difficult. This type of housing offers entertainment and activities not only to fill the days but to help the elderly keep alert and sound of mind.

Nursing Home Care – This type of facility is a residence for people who cannot do daily things for themselves. They have medical staff on site around the clock. They offer room and board, medication monitoring, personal care such as bathing, and social activities such as games, movies, and arts and crafts workshops.

Medicare and Medicaid will cover some of those costs for people with limited financial resources. The Texas Department of Insurance created a partnership program to encourage Texans to plan for their long-term needs. This requires all insurance providers to be licensed and to follow strict state and federal guidelines. Those requirements are designed to help consumers get the most advantageous coverage in their later years. Incentives such as asset disregard and partnership plans help you avoid relying on family for financial support and possibly never have to file for Medicaid.

The subject may be uncomfortable and the premiums may seem like a waste of money when you are younger and healthy. However, planning for your senior years is important and long term care insurance in Texas allows you to obtain proper care and retain your dignity.

Alana Jones is a freelancer writer and blogger, she wrote about the long term care insurance in Texas. For more information, Please visit .

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