The 5 Strangest Car Insurance Claims

The world of vehicle insurance can be a curious one as the people working in it will tell you. Often, car owners will call after they have been involved in an accident and, when asked what the cause of the accident was, they will say things like 'I knocked a pedestrian over. He admitted it was his fault as he had been run over before' or 'A lamp post bumped into my car, damaging it in various places'.

Obviously, these claims are pretty bogus, and are made in an effort to get the car insurance company to pay out for damages. But bogus car insurance claims are not what this article is about. This article is actually all about the car insurance claims that are actually true.

Buckle up and brace yourself! We are about to begin the countdown of the five strangest car insurance claims of all time:

5. The vengeful camel. Imagine sitting quietly in your car minding your own business, when a camel walks up to the vehicle and violently kicks the door, resulting in a pretty noticeable dent. Well, it happened. In actual fact, the owner of the camel admitted that he had been having trouble keeping his pet in the right frame of mind and that things like this had been happening on a regular basis.

4. That's nuts. Windscreen damage is one of the most common car insurance claims. But how weird is this one? A couple of years ago, a woman claimed that she was being terrorised by squirrels. By launching nuts at her, the furry terrorists actually managed to cause some serious damage to her windshield. At first, the insurance provider thought that this was a fraudulent claim – after all, who wouldn't? However, when a claims investigator went to scout the scene, the exact same thing happened to him. How's nuts is that?

3. Valets aren't worth it. When you trust a valet to park your car, chances are that you're expecting him to look after it – not take it for a joyride! After all, that's the sort of thing that happens in the movies and not in real life, right? Wrong. There was a valet who couldn't help himself and, when asked to park a pristine Maserati for a client, he decided to take it for a test drive instead! This resulted in him crashing the vehicle into a Jeep and the Jeep, in turn, crashed into a Porsche 365SC. Needless to say, the owner wasn't happy! But what was really strange was the fact that the young valet managed to cause this much havoc without even leaving the parking garage!

2. Potato, potahto. When it comes to vehicle damage, most of us expect it to be caused by reckless driving, hail, or maybe a fallen tree branch – but potatoes? Not so much! Unfortunately, it would seem that potatoes can cause accidents and quite bad ones at that. According to an insurance claim, a man was driving home after having completed his grocery shopping. The bag of groceries had been placed on the front passenger seat and, unfortunately for him, a potato managed to roll out, lodging itself underneath the brake pedal. This resulted in a massive pileup and a very weird insurance claim!

1. Say no to exhibitionism. A claimant was parked at a robot when a nude pedestrian jumped onto the bonnet of the car, causing an unsightly dent. The pedestrian's reasons for strolling around town in his birthday suit and jumping onto the car were never determined, seeing as he ran off afterwards and was never caught. Luckily for the car owner, people tend to stare when someone walks around naked, so there were plenty of eyewitnesses who were happy to validate his claim.

Bizarre, right? Well, if nothing else, the above list does offer a solid argument for comprehensive motor insurance, doesn't it?

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