Tax Consultants Q&A – What You Need to Know

What is a tax consultant?

A tax consultant, or adviser, is a person trained in tax law.

Who needs one?

Most individuals and companies in Britain will at some point look for a taxconsultant in London or the UK to help them write a proper statement of income and to minimise their tax bills.

Are they just for the rich?

Although it sounds like something only the rich would need, people from all industries and income brackets would benefit from expert advice to see if they are paying the right amount of tax and being as taxefficient as possible. After all, no one wants a big, unexpected bill landing on the doormat.

How could a tax consultant help me?

Tax laws are incredibly complicated but an expert will be able to look at your business and daily working life and point out things you could be doing to reduce your tax bill.

Such as?

They will look at areas such as:

Are you keeping a record of charitable donations so you can write them off against your tax?

If you have your own business, are you paying yourself the right amount to ensure it is as tax efficient as possible?

Did you know there are some extremely generous tax breaks for working from home?

If you have staff, are you taking full advantage of tax break schemes such as Childcare Vouchers and Cycle to Work schemes?

Are you paying the right amount of VAT?

Would you be better off under the VAT Flat Rate Scheme where you pay a flat rate of VAT on your turnover?

Are tax advisers for individuals or big business?

Whether you're a sole trader, an independent contractor, a director of a large company or the owner of a small to medium-sized business; no one can be expected to be an expert in the intricacies of tax law – that's what the professionals are for.

So when the time is right for you or your business, look for a tax consultant in London or the UK to help advise on all of these issues and more.

Can my business can afford it?

Of course you can try and do everything yourself and save yourself any fees. But expert help could save you thousands of pounds in the long run once they've shown you how to take advantage of the full complement of tax breaks and how to claim everything you're entitled to.

Jon Paul is a Tax consultant in UK London area. If you have query and get to know about UK tax so, you can contact with him.

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