Tally’s High Powered Features For Individuals And Corporate

Tally with all the popularity it has garnered is known to be an accounting software for small and medium businesses. It does all the functions of accounting that a specific mid-sized business has. Most of the individuals who know about Tally have this specific opinion about it. However, one thing that still many aren't aware of is that there is more versatility to this accounting software. The Tally software is not just only about accounting, but after its ERP version, its ability and functioning is much more widened and extended to a great extent. For instance, many aren't aware that Employees information can be maintained in this software. Right from the employee's name to everything about duties, work, profile, groups and so on. This could serve as a great future if a business has several employees working in the business.

Help and Support from Tally

Online Help: Besides the help that's available from the client's local machine itself, links are available which would give access to huge information on the Tally website.

Support Center: The client can now report issues to his favorite Tally service provider or to the company itself, and follow the status of the same. He can mark issues as closed or reopen issues and can do this from his copy of Tally itself. The client has entire visibility into all his past, present issues that are open or closed.

Tally ERP 9 is possibly the only product in the world that features:

  • Total three way visibility for the user, support provider and the software developer
  • Issues are entered and the visibility achieved from the product itself
  • Client has visibility from the product even to issues that has been raised over the phone
  • Client has total control over which issues are getting closed

License Management

Single Site: Licensing is a simple two-step process. Once the user enters the serial number along with the activation key, the user gets a license key in his email. This key is then used by him to unlock Tally and with this he gets a permanent license. Now, the client can manage his licensing himself, all from within Tally. He can also surrender his license and activate in another location without requiring approaching the company.

Getting Appropriate People to work on Tally

Posting job requirements and looking at Resumes: Tally ERP 9 will let potential employers post their requirements for candidates from within the product and get licenses. They can also see the CV's of applicants who are aware of the software and contact them.

Recruitment Tests: In the past, the company has relied on the TCP certification as proof that an applicant knows the software. To hold TCP certification exams in a fool proof way is an enormous task and most of the partners aren't and will never be equipped for that. Thus, the use of TCP as proof of the competency of the applicant has lost its luster.

Tally is an entire Enterprise Resource Planning system with an outstanding grip in accounting features. Also, Tally Download has seen a surge in recent years due to its multiple uses.

Riyaz Tamboli is a Director at Antraweb Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a leading provider of Tally ERP 9 Software and support. Antraweb is a Master Tally Solutions’ partner with over 20 years of experience in providing Tally services including integration, customization, providing mobile apps, add-ons and more.His knowledge and experience has been instrumental in developing customized solutions for various businesses. Organizations can benefit from implementing Tally ERP 9 for their business and can download it from website.

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