Start Accounting Career Joining Professional Year in Australia

Australia is a haven for higher studies of international students. Top-ranked universities offer a quality education which helps international students to start their bright careers. Modern infrastructure is present in universities to facilitate world-class learning in globally recognized courses. Additionally, the government is offering $200 million as scholarships to encourage foreign students to study in the Australian universities.

Australia is a developed country with an ever-growing economy delivering a high standard of living to its citizens. It has an enviable environment, sightseeing, and friendly locals attracting immigrants to live in this country. This is why most of the students prefer to live and work in Australia after completion of studies.

Professional Year Program

Shortages of skilled professionals are acute in many sectors of Australia. To resolve deepening the crisis of skill shortages, the government has started several initiatives. Professional Year in Australia is a program designed to impart professional skills to international graduates to be ready for the market. Training is available for international graduates of engineering, accounting, and IT fields. Respective Professional Bodies manage this program and operate with the approval of Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). The aim of this program is to supply skilled professionals meeting mid to long term needs of the Australian economy. Upon completion, graduates enjoy a higher employability and earn migration points supporting PR in Australia.

Professional Year in Accounting Program

Accounting is one of the most respected professions in the world of business today. But, finding an accounting job with just a degree isn't easy for graduates. This is because recruiters demand work experience, skills, and knowledge from candidates in hiring.

To be a successful accountant, professionals need skills, analytical reasoning, and knowledge about the economies. To acquire these skills, Professional Year in Accounting has been designed for international graduates to be ready for the accounting industry. The program prepares accounting graduates for the Australian market with formal learning and internship training with a hosting company. In short, the 44-week program readies a graduate for workplace challenges with skills and knowledge. This is because graduates earn professional skills and experiences based on the Australian standard and settings.

Benefits of Joining Professional Year in Accounting

Accounting graduates get benefits completing this program successfully. Here are the top benefits acquire by graduates joining PY program:

Learn work ethics and official communication

Earn 5 migration points for PR

Enjoy higher employability in the market

Improve interview facing skills and writing resumes

Decorate resumes with PY certificate

Learn key responsibilities and develop personality traits

Improve customer service skills

Networking with peers and professionals to enhance employability

Gain relevant work experience in internship program

Become market-ready professionals

Reasons to Hire Education Consultants

Starting a career in Australia needs knowledge about the employment market, career opportunities, and courses available. International students often face problems in deciding a suitable career path, admission, scholarship, and selection of courses. Students need to select courses that are listed in Skilled Occupation List (SOL) and Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL) to enjoy more employability after completion. Getting counseling from Indian education consultants can prove useful in starting an illustrious career. Consultants possess skills and experience in handling education related cases effectively. Get in touch with our education experts for counseling on starting your career in Australia.

Catherine Walsh Photo In this article, the author has explained the importance of Professional Year in Australia that helps international graduates to start their career in the country.

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