Solo Travel – At Least Once!

There are all kinds of people in the world. Some love traveling on their own, while some prefer being with family/friends. With technological advancements and increased ease of travel, solo travel i.e. traveling alone has become a trend. But still, to most of us, especially the first-timers, venturing off alone can be a scary thought. But little we know the great things that come out of this wanderlust. Here are 5 beautiful reasons for traveling solo, at least once (we are sure, this once will not remain just 'once'):

  • Each time, a new YOU!: Every time a person ventures out alone, he is changed, and it's a positive change. It changes energy and confidence levels and, perspective of the world. He is more strong, fearless and a go-getter in solving his own problems/struggles. Traveling solo brings a new 'you'.
  • Leaving the comfort zone is therapeutic: Traveling solo may not always be comforting. A person would be scared, nervous or unfamiliar to the language. He may be lost and would not even know how to ask for the right path (may be due to different language). But this is not bad as it sounds. Yes, leaving your comfort zone is therapeutic. It's an opportunity to embrace all that comes your way and make your way through it, leaving an enriching and amazing experience to cherish.
  • Learning Roller Coaster: Traveling is one big learning roller coaster. It may have ups and downs, fun and excitement along with nervousness, but it teaches so many things besides, making you calm, confident, respectful and graceful.
  • Discovering yourself better: Spending time with your own self allows you to introspect and understand yourself. Traveling alone teaches you things about yourself, possibly you never knew or if you knew, not well enough. Yes, traveling solo also surprises you of your strength. It's a fact of life that you never know what you are capable of unless you set out to do something. Traveling solo you learn a lot about yourself.
  • Changed perspective: Traveling, especially on your own, will let you understand in it's aura, various aspects of travel, like traditions, rituals, mannerisms of a certain place. May be when you are traveling in a group, your perspective is clouded or result of what others feel and experience too.
  • Traveling can be an addiction to many of us. But the freedom and beauty of traveling solo is something different. This can only be felt by traveling solo. As obvious, it's uncomfortable and often nerve wracking and therefore, there are certain things solo travelers must always remember:

  • It's all about you: Decide your own places where you want to go and when. It's not a race and a competition where you have to prove how much you traveled. Go at your pace and feel the essence.
  • Be careful, not scared: In unfamiliar places stay alert but do not be scared. Look and act confident to avoid any unwanted attention and undesirable event.
  • Stay in touch with family: Use Whatsapp, messaging, Skype, Emails etc., whatever to keep updating your family/friends about your whereabouts. Remember, this is not about feeling scared but being prepared to act efficiently when things go wrong.
  • Pack light: Pack the basics you need and do not fill your suitcase with your 'wants'. It's about enjoying your solo company sans your material possessions.
  • Get insured: Visitor insurance is a must while traveling, solo or with friends/in a group. It equips you with coverage necessary to have in times of medical emergencies. Visitor insurance offers benefits in times of undesirable medical events, specially when healthcare costs, in countries like the USA can be very high. It is highly recommended to purchase visitor insurance plan from an authorized, experienced and helpful agent like MultiChoice Insurance Services.
  • Getting insured before you set out traveling solo would be a wise decision to take. For ideas on various insurance plans, visit

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