Small Business Accountants How to Decide Whether to Hire One

While deciding which course of action to take, small business owners need to take several things into consideration to determine whether they should hire Brisbane accountants or take another route.

Financial Knowledge

Most owners have at least a small amount of financial knowledge. They may know how to do payroll, file their own taxes, and are confident in their ability to handle their finances.

On the other hand, there are also owners that get a headache at the mere thought of figuring out how to do payroll or they may have never filed their taxes themselves. They started a small business because they had a dream of opening their own thrift store and they love clothes. In this case, accounting is probably not on their list of skills.

If an owner does not currently have the financial knowledge to run their company, it's a great idea to hire Brisbane accountants.


Financial knowledge is one thing, and experience is another. A person may know how to do payroll, but if they have only done their own payroll once or twice, they are more likely to make mistakes and wind up spending more money later. They may also forget about certain things, not know how to set up accounting for a company, and other key things that are important for success.

Hiring a professional to double check things while gaining experience or having a professional take over certain tasks can help prevent those errors, and it can make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Special Circumstances

Most people recommend having the phone number of trusted Brisbane accountants on hand for special circumstances, like getting audited by the government or when it's time to file taxes.

If a person has plenty of experience and knowledge in financial matters, like being audited, this is not necessary. On the other hand, if a person has never been audited by the government before, it's always a good idea to have a business card tucked in the wallet somewhere just in case.

Time Management

One of the most important factors in determining whether to hire Brisbane accountants is to decide whether it is a good use of an owner's time.

For example, a person that owns a small corner store that spends most of their time sitting around may not have something better to do. If this is the case, spending several hours a week on book keeping will not be a problem.

Another small business owner may look at the tasks that need to be done, and determine that they would be better off if they could spend more time watching employees, focusing on customer interactions, ordering supplies and so on. If this is the case, hiring Brisbane accountants is a good idea.

It all comes down to time management, and deciding what that time should be spent doing to guarantee the success of the business.

Whether hiring Brisbane accountants is important for the success of a company or not depends on the company. Most business owners do this themselves when the company first starts because they are the only person that works there.

As the company grows and owners realise that they need employees, they are faced with this important decision.

Owners are encouraged to consider whether they are able to complete the tasks themselves, previous experience, and if they will need to hire a professional for certain situations, like dealing with the government. Last, they should decide how their time is best spent to determine whether they should hire a professional or not.

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