Shall A Person Above 65 Years For Go A Travel Insurance?

Travelling post retirement is a plan everyone would love to do and obviously for leisure purposes. Travelling the world or globe trotting, whatever you want to call it is a dream come true for any elderly person who has taken retirement from their professions and have enough time to explore new places. After working hard for decades, elderly people wish to be at peace and travelling is the most heavenly experience they will cherish forever. However for older people, travelling can be quite complicated especially considering they have many requirements which need to be taken care of. So what does one do to make sure they don't suffer during travelling? During travelling any sort emergency situation may arise which can cause a significant impact on personal finances. As a senior citizen, one stops earning for their daily bread and to compensate in such emergency situations, regular financial resources are limited or negligible. So how does one get a protective cover in times of emergency?

Many insurance companies provide senior travel insurance schemes which take care of end to end needs related to travelling. When you have applied for a seniors travel insurance policy, you are surely given a comprehensive coverage which take care of your needs during such strenuous situations. A travel insurance plan for seniors includes some of the most notable features and here are they:

  • Senior citizens are prone to suffer from a lot of diseases or might meet with an accident. So for them insurance companies provide some of the best emergency medical expense coverage anywhere and at any time. Coverage includes in and out patient expenses, medical aid, therapies and diagnostic tests as it differs from policy to policy.
  • Sometimes emergency evacuation situation may arise where you need to be taken home and that also is sometimes taken care of by the insurance scheme you have chosen
  • In case of unfortunate events like death abroad, financial expenses of the funeral are also taken care of and repatriation of remains are given back to the beneficiary once they come back to India
  • Coverage for acute dental problems such anesthetic treatment
  • As stated in the policy, a daily allowance is given to the hospital for the patient who is suffering from some illness or is hospitalized due to accidents.
  • The company will pay for accidental death or permanent disability as a result of being involved in a major accident. The amount that will be paid includes both the sum insured plus the sum specified under the personal accident sections. The companies provide coverage for injuries incurred during the accident via the medium of a common transport like air, bus, train, aircraft and many other bodily injuries resulting in total loss of life or permanent disability.
  • While in case of personal compensation for accidents when suffered while travelling which might result in in total death and disability, companies take care of the financial needs of the individual up to a certain extent.
  • Sometimes while travelling, there is always a threat looming large and common people are the most affected groups in such situations. Insurance companies provide covers for such hijack-distress situations.

So now having a senior travel insurance policy allows elder people to travel worry free as emergencies when it arises can be resolved immediately. Sometimes insurances at better premium rates and support for partner of the insured are important things which need to be covered. Travel insurance for people above 65 years of age is a boon as they mostly need it. So choose a policy which will provide an end to end solution in various emergency situations as mentioned above and also take care of your finances at the same time with out damaging it too much.

Sahil Doshi Photo Jason Marsh is an veteran writer who has been following the insurance market trends for a long time and knows about various insurance schemes in and out. Now read his article over here where he delves into the importance of having a senior citizen travel insurance .

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