Secrets to Lower Your Payments on Mortgage Without Refinancing

Ways of lowering mortgage payment are many while you also keep cash I your account. The common idea is to refinance your home loan and benefit a lower rate. However, the cost of mortgage refinancing is high and some homeowners may not have the cash. In most issues, your mortgage payment might be lowered by your lender without refinancing the home loan. This article will help and guide you to get the know-how.

You need to prepare your financial documents ad proposal to request lower payments on your mortgage. Below are the steps to take to get your lower payment from your lender without any hassle.

1 Prepare your Financial Hardship DocumentsThe mortgage lender needs to restructure the loan terms to lower your mortgage payment without the option of refinancing the home loan. Be aware that not everyone qualifies for this provision. Before any request will be approved, your financial situation will be review by the lenders to determine if you qualify for help. Most legitimate reasons lenders will consider are loss of employment, injury, illness or disability. You will need to present copies of your financial statements (paychecks stubs, bills, banking statements, hospital bills – I case of illness or injury – unemployment compensation).

2. Take Immediate ActionInstead of waiting until your situation gets beyond your capability, make a contact to your mortgage company whenever you are perceiving problem financially.

3. Request for a loan Modification.Mortgage modification is a type of loan restructure, in which lenders accept to lower the interest rate or extend the term of loan to reduce the mortgage monthly payment. The idea might be suggested by your lender, if not, ask for a loan modification.

4. Submit Your ProposalAsk your lender to switch your interest-only or adjusted rate mortgage to one fixed rate, or a loan extension can be requested by you. In few cases, payments may be suspended temporarily for a certain period of time by the lender.

5. Sit-up your mortgage LenderLenders terms and policy are varied and few may not approve or accept your proposal. Then propose a meeting with your mortgage lender to iron things out, they will he happy to work with you on your home loan as mortgage lender are not satisfied on foreclosure.

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