Sarjapur Road Property Market- an Overview of Residential Localities

Adjoining areas take a dip

Whitefield Road, Marathahalli and Koramangala that were being considered as better living areas till now are giving way to a new elite neighborhood in Sarjapur.

The growth story of Bangalore city itself has a historical background when it was founded in the 15th century. In the last few decades, it has earned several monikers like garden city, pensioners paradise and currently it is the bustling Silicon Valley of India. Very near Sarjapur are the IT goliaths that have influenced the new name to the city. Naturally even a rural village like Sarjapur has grown nearby.

Before the advent of this new residential hub, areas like Whitefield Road, Marathahalli and Koramangala ruled the roost. They have comfortable environs, best civic amenities, homes of the rich and famous postal addresses of best companies. Now that is about to alter as the landscape of Sarjapur is expanding, vertically (skyscrapers) and horizontally (arterial road connectivity). The ready to occupy flats in Sarjapur Road conform to the urban citizen's lifestyle.

Rental and ownership property options

Unlike the very elite neighborhoods, the cost of living in Sarjapur is more reasonable on the pocket.

Currently, as the infrastructure in the locality gets a boost from the government, it attracts many investors to book homes. There are 2 BHK, 3 BHK apartments for sale in sarjapur road, Bangalore,on one end of the spectrum and on the other bungalows and penthouses also are up for grabs. In the adjoining areas only the current structures can be upgraded, whereas, in Sarjapur, a brand new apartment can be chosen from the most modern residential buildings.

Functionality and aesthetics rule home designs

As people look for better ways to live, new rules of functionality and aesthetics drive the home designs. Even for a 2bhk apartment in Sarjapur Road, Bangalore the clever combination of space and interior design is utilized to the optimum.

Recreation facilities, gyms, gardens, and fitness areas now are common to many clusters of housing societies. As people work hard the whole day, they need to get a digital detox once they reach home. Now there is no need to wait till the weekend to shop or walk or relax. Every evening one can reach home, freshen up and come down in the garden. Community living now has a new meaning in various neighborhoods here. Evenings are a good time to interact with friends and know your neighbours.

Well designed homes are not sufficient to get people to book a 2bhk apartment in Sarjapur Road, Bangalore. The need for more than the compound has compelled builders to add attractive recreation options for community living. As Bangalore becomes more cosmopolitan, so does the cultural landscape of the residential projects that come up in the region.

Advanced home trends

While the neighbourhood areas of Sarjapur cannot change their basic character, so is not the case with this locality. Inside out new trends like energy conservation, extra storage master suites have emerged.

In larger families, there is a need to have at least two master suites. Both the father and son can have their privacy with their families and yet live together. It also works well in case the family hosts cousins, relatives, and friends for occasions. It works better than just having a spare guest room. Many builders offer compact or ½ rooms to buyers within the same BHK. It saves on costs and many have found it to be energy efficient also. Lighting systems and decor are designed to save costs.

Extra storage is also required by all kinds of families. Until now it has been quite a bane storing stuff under the bed or sofa cum beds. Now a dedicated space for storage is the best way to keep clutter out. For example, the walk-in closet in the master bedroom or the stacked rack in the kitchen are useful ideas for all homes. Sleek doors that close and open, advanced elevation mechanisms for basement parking and stilts are welcome.

There is a big onus on the builders to take care of the environment in which they build the homes. Hence, having better solid waste management systems and coordination with civic authorities matter. Few builders offer various holistic solutions for quality living.

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