Real Time Accounting – What is It?

Are you looking for a great accounting system? Are you looking for a something innovative, creative accounting system that could be unique, innovative and different than others? Real time accounting here to help you with trading accounting things in a more innovative way. Try real time accounting today and I am sure you will be convinced with this.

Our business started back in 2004, how we started becoming more frustrated with the traditional accounting system and then started in doing something great in 2011. Basically we started operations in 2010 and then in 2011 got First Certified Xero Advisors in South Africa. Our application some unique features that will let you get to access to some extra features. Our app will provide extra ordinary features so that your accounting will become extremely easy to execute. Our mission was simple and same. Our primary aim was to deliver a system which will keep you busy with stakeholders, share holders, employees and families. Our aim was to deliver a platform where they will be able to invest their knowledge , their innovation , their effort , their hard work , their knowledge and resources in an sustainable solutions to communities in need.

There are really a lot benefits while you are using technology. Using technology, you can be creative, you can be innovative, and you can be exceptional. Technology can decrease the work of an employee. It can decrease the money load of a company. Suppose your company spending $1 million each year maintains paper work accounting and developing software, this could just $100,000 each year in total. That's why you should technology. Technology could also bring perfection. We human beings could make mistakes. While it is a matter of accounts a simple mistake could cost more than you earn whole life time. That's why you should technology. We say technology can decrease the amount of “grunt work” required by an accountant.

Our goal is to deliver for an SME (Small and midsized environment) enterprise. We decided to be the 1st to follow what many international industry believe to be the future of accounting for SME and began offering customer service packages design to ensure a unique value proposition.

We have worked with lots of famous clients till 2004. Our clients are extremely satisfied and they gave us highest ratings while they are using our packages. Just take a look at our client's page and you will be surprised how we helped our clients in the past. We helped small businesses, start ups, Growing companies and enterprises as well. We help our clients with the tax registrations – registering your businesses for tax, vat, paye , uif and coid . Our stuffs will help you with book keeping system which includes invoicing and financial controls. We help clients with tax obligations and planning your tax commitments in advance.

Our company offers the whole real time accounting. It requires costs to perform. Our prices starting form R1250 P/M basis. There is also plan for R6500 P/M . Our highest package entail following things –

  • All Sars and Cipc Tax Submissions
  • Online Payroll
  • Free Phone Support For Tax And Accounting Questions
  • Reminders And Tax Alerts
  • Year End Financial Statements
  • Management Reports
  • Management Report Review Meeting And Consultation
  • Bookkeeping (bank, Suppliers, Customers)
  • Budgeting And Variance Reports
  • Tax Structuring, Planning
  • And Risk Analysis
  • Strategy And Business Development Meetings
  • Our features are not limited into it. We have customized package for you. If you don't like our packages then contact with us for customized packages. Email us , call us for mix package for you.

    Currently, we are offering services throughout Africa. Our head office address in Cape Town . Our office address is – 28 Bella Rosa St, Rosenpark, Cape Town, 7550 . You can call us at +27 (21) 914 0055 .

    Nirban Jyoti Das Photo This article is written by Real time accounting company in South Africa. We are provider of high level , easy , simple , technology dependedent xero ceritified Advisor in south Africa.

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