Personal Accident Insurance In India Offers Coverage Inside The Country And Abroad

Anirudh was cooking when a fire started accidentally, resulting is slight burns on his hands. He immediately rushed to the nearby hospital to get treatment. After treatment he filled in his personal accident insurance form to avail compensation. The medical costs came down to a negligible amount and he did not have to withdraw savings from his bank account to make payments. This is one of the many incidents in which personal accident insurance proves to be beneficial.

Why do you need personal accident insurance?

Personal accident insurance in India offers a wide range of benefits like no other insurance policy. It offers compensation for a small burn or fracture as well as critical injury that result in hospitalization. There is no need to undergo any medical tests to avail it. Anyone from 18 years to 65 of age can avail it .Here is a look at the six main reasons for buying personal accident insurance:

  • In case of injury by accident, it helps to meet treatment expenses
  • It pays out for total permanent disability caused by injury, thus helping to meet medical and other expenses
  • It offers compensation for partial disability through which you can cover medical costs and other expenses
  • It pays out for loss of life due to accident
  • It offers daily cash for hospital expenses when you are admitted
  • It compensates double the amount in the event of permanent disability or loss of life when travelling on public transport system

Compensation can also be used to pay for children's education and legal expenses arising from an accident. Unlike other forms of insurance where coverage is available only inside the country, the benefits of this policy can be availed even when abroad. It also covers for personal accident caused by acts of terrorism. The premium costs are very nominal but the amount offered at the time of claim helps to settle huge medical bills. Coverage from the policy is applicable to spouse ad two dependent children. The period of coverage is for twelve months after which the policy must be renewed.

Application and claims

It is easy to apply for a personal accident insurance policy. You can apply for it from the insurance company's website. Fill the application form here and submit it online to get a policy number. You have to use this number when making premium payments and at the time of claims. When a claim has to be made against the policy, submit the form along with relevant personal details and supporting documents. The claim will be reviewed and money provided in the shortest possible time.

Kirti Saxena is a web enthusiast and a writer for different areas including insurance and banking and numerous other sectors. For more information visit: Personal Accident Insurance in India and Personal Accident Insurance Policy .

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