Party Rental Business Essentials Liability and Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Party rental companies need to have their staff insured just like any other business because a party rental business faces the same kind of risk as any other service-oriented business. Liability and workers' compensation insurance are, therefore, standard types of insurance that any party rental company must have in order to protect the business, its workers, its clients and third parties. At Big Bounce Fun House Rentals, we are fully insured as safety is our main concern.

Liability Insurance for a Party Rental Company

There are many types of liability insurance for party rental owners, from general insurance that can cover staff members and the entire company when the company becomes responsible for bodily injury or harm to others. Other types of insurance protect the company when their automobiles cause harm to others or damage to property, or when the staff themselves become injured while riding in these automobiles.

So many things can happen when someone is using your rental equipment, whether it's a wedding tent or a cotton candy machine for a kiddie birthday. Any accidents that can cause injury to the person operating the equipment or to any other person present at the event can leave a party rental company open to claims for compensation from the injured party. Liability insurance will also help mitigate the financial damage that arises when claims against the company are made, allowing the company to still continue with operations despite the presence of these claims.

There is also the risk that rented equipment could end up broken, lost or damaged while in the possession of the renter. Company assets such as buildings, building contents and rental items can be covered under liability insurance, considering that renting out equipment always comes with the risk that something could happen to the equipment while it is in the hands of the renter.

Workers' Compensation Insurance for a Party Rental Company

Workers' compensation insurance is designed to provide coverage for workers in case of injury or bodily harm. While life-threatening accidents are not common occurrences at parties and other happy gatherings, freak accidents can occur which can cause bodily harm to your workers and employees. With compensation insurance workers are assured financial support in case an accident puts them out of commission for a while. Payments are made to the injured party which can include coverage for medical expenses, lost wages and compensation for therapy.

Any business benefits from insurance that protects its inventory and its staff. Ensure that your business stays afloat despite these risks with the right liability insurance to protect your business and your employees.

You will have peace of mind when you rent party equipment from Big Bounce Fun House Rentals as we are fully insured with liability and workers' compensation insurance. We are happy to furnish our certificate of insurance. Please do not hesitate to ask for it.

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