Online Vehicle Insurance – Must for Everyone!

There are two ways to go in for insurance – one is to physically go to the insurance company's office, and the other is to buy the insurance online. While going physically, there are a lot of hurdles – you have to travel in your own conveyance all the way to company's office in heat, rain and cold. And then, even if pre-fixed, chances are that at times the particular person may not be available and you have to keep on waiting and wasting your time. As regards online insurance, you are the master of your time. You just receive the online quotes for asking, without any unreasonable hurdles of time and weather. The following explain in details about advantages of online vehicle insurance plan.

Online Vehicle Insurance Plan – Very Useful

If you have decided to buy a vehicle, the best idea will be to buy the insurance online. A bird's eye view on the following features will give you a fair idea about the importance of online insurance.

  • You will get free online quotes sitting in the comforts of your house
  • Also 24&7 personal assistance made available.
  • During renewal, in case of there being no claim during the previous year, you will be offered No Claim Bonus (NCB) upto 50%.
  • Cashless benefits in the network garages spread in thousands all over India.
  • Renewals of policies can also be undertaken online

It is always better to do some home work for online quotes. Sort out some good companies and ask for online quotes. Go through the quotes carefully and sort out a few which offer your facilities as per your needs. Then shortlist the one you find most suitable. Never forget to ask for the list of garages on the panel of the company, to have clear idea as to which garages are there in the list, how convenient are the garages from your house, does the garage cover your make, model etc.

Important Final Check

The other most important thing to keep in mind while dealing with the insurance companies is that different companies have different lucrative offers. So one has to extract from them the best terms and conditions. You need not hesitate or feel shy and ask them as many questions as you can. And you deserve that because after all it is all your hard earned money you are going to invest. Therefore it should be only after considering all the pros and cons that you should go ahead with the insurance company which offers you the best insurance offer, sort of customized for you only.

Car Insurance Premium

The Premium Calculation can be undertaken based on the factors given hereunder:

  • IDV of the vehicle
  • Age of Vehicle
  • Zone of registration
  • Cubic capacity of the vehicle
  • Additional Premium for:

    (i) CNG/LPG FUEL

    (ii) Electrical & electronic items

    (iii) Add on cover

    (iv) Extra facilities required

    Discounts in Premium:

    a)Voluntary Deductibles

    c)Discount for Anti Theft Devices

    d) Automobile Association Membership discount

    The net amount can be calculated on the basis of the above necessary information after discussion with the respective insurer, which will be total premium minus the discounts allowed.

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