Ninja, Gleim, Pederson, PrepSmarter & Wiley. Which test bank is best for CPA Preparation?

Being a CPA candidate is a tough task day and night of studying in trying to achieve that magical score of 75. But there is one more problem that a CPA candidate faces i.e. Choosing the right platform for CPA preparation. With more players getting into the prep market, this decision is getting tougher. I am here to guide you in taking that decision and make your life a little simpler.

Here are some of the most renowned and trusted test bank that is being used by the CPA candidate:-

1. Ninja

Ninja MCQ's has over 6500+ questions and comes with a one year access with a price tag of $497. Ninja is one of the most used practice platform in CPA as of now.

2. Gleim

Gleim test bank has over 10000+ questions which are the most questions provided by any test bank in the market. But it's the most expensive test bank a CPA candidate can buy, it's priced at $999.

3. Pederson

Pederson test bank has over 6500+questions and comes with an access of 12 Months. The best part about Pederson is that it is the cheapest test bank out there in the market. It's priced at $180 for all four parts. But their test bank software isn't very user-friendly but you can't expect everything at this price tag.

4. PrepSmarter

PrepSmarter test bank has over 7700+ questions and comes with an access of 6 months for each section at $120 for each section. PrepSmarter is relatively new in the CPA market and trying to set their foot in CPA prep industry. Although PrepSmarter is the market leader in CFA and FRM practice platform. PrepSmarter USP is their adaptive learning platform, Multi-dimensional review, and their confidence based learning. Their platform is one of the most advanced platform for CPA in the market.

5. Wiley.

Wiley test bank has over 4500+ question and comes with an access of 1 year. It has the lowest no. of questions and comes with a price tag of $575.

But why choose a practice platform when you can go for Full review courses?

Honestly. In my opinion, CPA review courses are one of the most overpriced things that is there in the market. You can get the best study material from the market in under $500 what you need is practice platform. Being a CPA candidate myself, I never purchased any review courses, I just purchased the study material from the market and use to study from them only. According to me you only need two things to crack the CPA Exam and i.e. A Great Study Group & a Great Practice Platform. It's not about how much you study and learn in CPA, it's about how much you practice that will define the success story of you CPA Journey.

So, few tips for your CPA Journey based on my experience:-

  • Always study smart.
  • Create a study plan and stick to it.
  • Join a Study group.
  • Purchase a great practice platform.
  • Never Give Up & loose hope.
  • According to me, PrepSmarter is a Great Practice Platform for CPA preparation. Although, I used PrepSmarter only for FAR because by the time I came to know about it, I already had cleared AUD, BEC & REG. Before that I was using Ninja and Pederson.All The Best.

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