Mediclaim Policy in India – The Best Medical Insurance Plan

In case you are given to choose a medical insurance plan, there is no short cut to choosing the Mediclaim Policy in India. Of all the health plans available today, Mediclaim policy is the most preferred for its all-round advantages. In a cost effective manner, it covers almost all types of disease. Its single policy offers you very many options with family insurance etc. By going in for alternatives and deductibles, you can reduce the amount of premiums. The ailments don't come knocking at the door. Most of the time they abruptly strike as an emergency. And to face such unforeseen eventualities, the Mediclaim Policy in India is handy to help you by way of the following facilities:

  • The best advantage is that Mediclaim Policy in India offers you peace of mind
  • One can add additional features for the family in a single insured amount by paying a small extra amount
  • One can transfer Mediclaim health insurance plan to another insurer to gain any better facilities.
  • 24×7 hr personal assistance is made available
  • 50-60% No Claim Bonus (NCB) is allowed on renewal if no claim was made the previous year
  • Cashless facilities available in thousands of reputed hospitals
  • Avail of Income tax benefits under section 80D and 80DD
  • Earn benefits till old age by renewing policy every year
  • Easy, efficient and satisfactory claims

The only precaution needed on your part is that your insurance policy should remain always renewed in time.

Insured (can inform) through various modes like email / telephone/ fax/ in person or may be via letter or any other suitable mode. Upon receipt of information Insurer will register the claim.

Insured will need to submit the below mentioned documents for the processing of Critical Illness Claim:

  • Identity proof of the claimant
  • Duly filled Claim form
  • Copy of Hospital summary/Discharge card/treatment advice / medical reference
  • Copy of Medical reports/records
  • Copy of Investigation reports
  • Doctor's certificate
  • Any other relevant document as requested by the Insurer.
  • On receipt of claim documents from Insured, Insurer shall assess the admissibility of claim as per Policy terms and conditions. Upon satisfactory completion of assessment and admission of claim, the Insurer will make the payment of benefit as per the contract.

In the event of any doubt regarding the appropriateness or correctness of the diagnosis, the Insurer shall have the right to call for an examination of the Insured in concurrence with Insured or his legal representative on the evidence used in arriving at such diagnosis, by a Medical Specialist appointed by the Insurer and the opinion of such Specialist as to such diagnosis shall be considered binding on both the Insured and the Insurer.

Online Insurance Policy

Always plan to opt for online insurance. You be in touch with some insurers and ask for online quotes and thus save time and money on going to companies' offices. Sitting at your house or office you can sort out some quotes and concentrate on them to choose the one most suitable for you.

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