Is it Important to Sign up For Critical Illness Insurance?

“Plan today, not tomorrow and not the day after, but TODAY!”

The one thing that is worse than death, is the FEAR of death itself. The fear that something might happen to your dear onesright before your eyes is the worst feeling ever. While it is true that nobody can alter the fate, you can at least be prepared to deal with it.

In this fast moving World where we don't even get to stop by for a minute to enjoy the food and tend to grab something on the way, we fail to plan our food, diet and end up noteven remembering when or what we ate.

All these unhealthy food habits and junk eating has led to this alarming statistics in Dubai, UAE. Out of 100 people, more than 35 suffer from Cardiovascular Diseases and over 15 from Cancer related illness. Moreover, many people also carry with them huge records of family illness.

In this scenario, paying heed to safety and precaution measures is a strict MUST! But How?

“Critical Illness”

The Critical Illness in general refers to emergency situations such as Heart attack or kidney transplant which has to be done immediately to save the life of a person. The expenses despite being very high, if not affordable can result in loss of life.

What will Critical Illness Insurance do?

Critical Illness Insurance Policy is like a life Saviour. When the expenses are very high, one thing that will stand by you and protect you through all the hard times is this. Be it a Heart attack, Transplant or Paralysis, according to the list specified in the policy, expenses will be taken care of by your Critical Illness Insurance.

You might be pushed to deplete the savings from your Child's Education or even sell your home to protect your dear ones. But in spite of cashing out every single Dirham, if all your efforts are futile, what will you do? You have your whole life ahead and you may be bound to take care of your Children and do everything for them. How are you going to balance things?

Availing Critical Illness Insurance will guarantee Financial Security for the Medical Treatment specified in the policy and stand as a backbone for your family.

How does it work?

The Critical Insurance Policy will cover a pre-determined list of illness which will be specified in the Policy provided by your Insurance Provider. Based on the cover, a lump sum will be handed over to the Policyholder in times of emergency.

To answer your questions on how much money will be offered, please feel free to call Omega Insurance @ +971 (0)4 3024 555. To put it in a nutshell, the sum depends on the severity of the disease and the state of emergency. If it is a less severe situation then the amount provided will be less and in case of serious illness, a lump sum will be generated.

Who should sign up for this Policy?

To put things in a broad scale, this policy is vital and will definitely serve as a life saver in times of serious emergency. Thereby, it is completely advisable that all of us sign up for this policy and be on a safer side.

But if you pose the question, “Who should CERTAINLY sign up for this policy”, we do have an answer.

  • People having History of Medical Illness
  • Those who carry serious hereditary problems
  • If you are not financially very sound to take care of things single-handedly
  • If you truly care for your family

As we said, anything might happen anytime. Not knowing where and when is common but not knowing HOW to act is not. Don't let money be a barrier to save your loved one. According to us, emotional pressure cannot be levied because sadly, you have to deal with it but at least financially you could be strong and do everything you can from your side.

Avail a Critical Insurance Policy today because claims are quite simple and does not involve in submitting bills. Be sure to read the Policy and the Illness covered under the Scheme before signing up.

“One small thing today can save a LIFE tomorrow”

Omega Insurance Brokers LLC is one of the Leading Insurance Company in Dubai, UAE. From providing the most economical quotes to best Insurance.

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