Intuit Certified Proadvisor For Quick Banking

QB Advizors possess certificate issued by Intuit for pro advisor programmes. Some of the support services provided by the company have been listed here:

QuickBooks Support Service

QuickBooks is an accounting software which is highly useful for small and medium sized businesses. This is a highly functional software and used for managing various aspects of finance. The technicians of QB Advizors are competent and skillful enough to install, activate and upgrade QuickBooks software in a system after assessing the compatibility. Any kind of QuickBooks error is resolved efficiently by the technicians. Problems related to web based connectivity and firewall which create impediments in connecting to the bank accounts are also rectified by the technicians with ease. The Quickbooks Customer Service Number is always active for the benefit of the customers. The Quickbooks Customer Support Number is manned round the clock for instant access to certified technicians. Experts who are available by merely dialing the Quickbooks Contact Phone Number either instruct the user over the phone itself or seek remote access to the systems in order to repair any software problem.

Peachtree support service

Peachtree is an accounting software which is hosted on cloud. This enables the user to manage his/her finances from anywhere in the world. All that is required by the user is a computer and internet connection. Peachtree comes with many useful features such as enabling the user to create invoices, managing payrolls, automating purchase orders, managing inventory, paying bills, tax planning and more which makes it highly effective in managing finances. The fact that it can be accessed online makes it very useful for busy professionals who travel a lot.

This software is provided by OB Advizors along with all the necessary assistance that the individual or company may require for its efficient utilization. The customers can always seek assistance through the customer support number of the company.

Point of Sale service

Point of Sale for a company is the city or market from where maximum business is being generated. POS service allows the company to get information of the area where a customer purchased a product made by it. The POS pattern enables the company to decide on a particular marketing strategy in order to get more customers. POS allows the company to zero in on the strategic positions that the products can take for increasing the sales.

Access to Mint

QB Advizors also provide access to Mint. Mint is a newspaper which helps the readers in designing new business policies

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