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Insurance is a medium of providing a self shield from any risk or danger. The risk can vary from person to person; as future is uncertain. Health is always a crucial factor in our life. To secure ourselves from any health hazards or accidental threats we must cover our risk with appropriate medical policy. Accidents are one of the prime reasons for danger to physical health. The consequences can be dire and lead to death or any form of disability. The worst can be suffered if there is a permanent or irreversible disability to our physical stature. Therefore, we must cover ourselves from the perils of accidents.

Why it's important to buy personal accident insurance?

  • Personal Accident Insurance compensates for an accidental death. The compensation gives your family a sense of financial security in case of an unfortunate event.
  • Accidents can lead to life threatening injuries. In such cases surgeries are recommended and need to be addressed immediately. Sudden surgeries can become devastating for your financial stability and all your savings may vanish. Therefore, personal accident insurance can offer you financial aid for reconstructive surgeries.
  • Good care and nursing is very necessary to make a come back after an accident. The top brands always provide nursing care in there accidental policies.
  • Accidents are sometimes awful and lead to physical loss. Accidents of grave consequences can lead to permanent or partial physical disability. Thus, sometimes it can make one unable to work or go out for earning. This can have a detrimental effect over your family. But, Personal Accident Insurance makes you secure as it covers all your risks including permanent or partial disability.
  • Grave accidents can often lead to permanent unemployment in many cases. This will more than often lead to serious imbalances in family. If one has kids, there education can become a point of strain. Therefore, if you buy personal accident insurance you also get a benefit for child education.
  • What is not covered in personal accident insurance?

  • Insurance of any type are always strict about not providing any cover for pre-existing physical condition or injury. So any pre-existing injury or physical condition is not covered in personal accident insurance.
  • Accident insurance is focused on injuries or death caused due to accident. The accidental insurance policy will cover all accidental threats. However, it takes no liability for sexually transmitted diseases, nervous breakdown, insanity, suicidal cases and depression.
  • Whenever you buy personal accident insurance, you must note that it excludes underground mines accidents, press coverage, racing on wheels or horseback and canoeing involving white water rapids.
  • The personal accident insurance policy will not provide claim for any abnormalities caused due to stress, depression, mental disorders or mental illness like psychiatric conditions.
  • If the accident insurance is to cover a military personnel or person serving in any defence forces. Insured person will not get claim if any accident happens in line of duty.
  • The Importance of accidental insurance policy can be overlooked. The world is complex and accidents are common. It's better to make a wise decision beforehand, than to regret.

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