Immigrants get exploitedunder Foreign Worker program

The Foreign Worker Program in Canada has been setting discouraging examples of “Immigrant exploitation”. The story is even sadder for “Low skilled Immigrant workers”how are the Immigrants exploited?

Foreign worker program has a tag of “temporary” in it which utilizes the cheap foreign labors for a short term to meet up the labor shortage crisis.

Filipino, Thai and Mexican labors are imported form the native countries and they are made to work for long hours. They even work as vegetable pickers and are engaged into any such jobs which are rejected by the locals of the country.

The program is a “short term solution” for a “Long term Issue”, wherein most of the employers are running out of labors to complete their work. They are paid much less than their local counterparts and are made to work for longer working hours too.

An employer need not spend on providing the basic facilities on such employers because they are “temporary set of workers.”

Permanent Immigration has been offered as a solution but it is provided only to the individual and not to his family. This is another example of being brutal to them.

It is quite evidenced that the immigrant workers are drained out for peanuts and are being exploited to the core.

Efforts from Government Minister of Human Resource and Skills Development, Diane Finely and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney have assured that their Government is committed to protecting the rights of Immigrants even if they are coming to the country on a temporary basis.

Kenney also expressed that the Immigration System is open and affair and no one will be allowed to exploit immigrants under any circumstances.

He has also directed that all those businesses which are known of exploiting the temporary workers will be denied access of importing any worker from outside.

The Officials also confirmed that arrangements are being made to provide the basic facilities to these workers which would include education and health care.

In fact the absurdity is to check upon things an employer cannot ask his workers or labors to do. One should be paid for the full duty including the overtimes, offs should be given, one can't be made to work on the job he is not hired for. An employer is actually barred from taking away the passport and work permit from a worker.

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