How to Recover From The Expenses of Flood Damage

Flood is the most common natural disaster in the United States. Flooding is a dangerous natural disaster it can destroy our houses, buildings and more. As soon as you heard or a storm coming in your county or area it is important that you prepare your things, medicine, food that will last for at least 2 days, radio with batteries, flashlight, and first aid kits. These will help you survive the incoming flood or storm. It is important that you stay inside your home if you have nothing important to go. When authorities advised you to evacuate proceed instantly this is to secure your safety. Flood insurance is very helpful when it comes to disasters like this. We know expenses rises when dealing with restoration and repair, but with the help of flood insurance you don't have to stress over the expenses.

Flooding is the number 1 and highest occurring natural disaster in the United States. It happens in all regions, near water or not, low risk zones, high risk zones, and even in areas that have never been flooded before. Just a couple of inches of water can lead to water damage and mold. Rapid responses to questions our clients have is what we are here for and are experts at. A proactive policy plan and understanding that policy is critical when faced with a flood related claim. John Perry Insurance is an independent agency and has been helping individuals and businesses for more than 25 years. Being an independent agency, we have access to multiple insurance carriers. We will quote and compare your information with each company in order to give you the best possible rate. We offer auto insurance, homeowners, renters insurance and flood insurance, business insurance, liability insurance, condominium association insurance, motorcycle insurance, recreational vehicle insurance and more.

We have offices located in 1008 W. Sagamore Ave., Suite 1, Clewiston, FL 33440. In Fort Myers at 5240 Bank St., Ste 3 Fort Myers, FL 33907, and in Labelle at 10 Bridge Street LaBelle, FL 33935, and also in Okeechobee at 3553 Hwy 441 South Okeechobee, FL 34974. You can contact our offices at 863-777-4966 for Clewiston, 239-204-3211 for Fort Myers, 863-588-7336 for Labelle and 863-824-5393 for Okeechobee. John Perry Insurance has been helping businesses and individuals like you to find insurance policies that's perfect for your needs. Our friendly team is courteous and makes the process as quick and easy as possible. Call us today!

JOHN PERRY I grew up in a small town where childhood acquaintances became lifelong friends. After graduating from college with a BA degree in accounting, I worked ten years in a Certified Public Accounting firm. My work experience in those years included income tax preparation, bookkeeping, auditing and financial planning. In January 1990, I left the firm and opened John Perry Insurance Agency in Clewiston, Florida. I started with no employees and two empty filing cabinets and today have grown to four office locations in Clewiston, Fort Myers, LaBelle and Okeechobee.

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