How to Avoid Miscalculating Your Insurance Needs

When it comes to choosing an insurance plan most people miscalculate their insurance needs. Though it isn't any rocket science you would often pay higher premiums for smaller protection and completely ignore the bigger risks. This leads to higher premiums every years and when the real problem strikes you plan doesn't cover you against the risk. In the United States people have the tendency to insure against what is termed as 'predictable events' which is quite against the concept insurance is meant for. Here we shall throw some light on how you should avoid miscalculating your insurance needs.

  • Health Insurance – Does your insurance policy also annual visits to a clinic. For instance your policy might cover the annual cleaning visit to a dentist. Spare a though, it is a predictable event and do you really need it covered in your insurance plan? You could easily pay for the cleaning job from your pocket and get yourself insured against the more expensive dental surgeries. Look into the finer details of the policy and see that it covers you against the more serious and life-threatening illness and symptoms.
  • Disability Insurance – When tragedy strikes you need to be adequately protected and this is where you should make no compromise with disability and life insurance plans. It is worth paying a few extra bucks as these plans protect you in the doomsday state in your life.
  • Consumer Products Insurance -When you have bought a kitchen appliance you would be lured into an extended warranty plan and need to pay a decent premium for it. But your appliance would be covered by the manufacturer's warranty for a minimum of six months or a year where a manufacturing defect if present would show up. If your appliance doesn't show up any defect during this period it won't show any during the extended period.
  • Auto Insurance – There is a tendency among customers to choose low deductibles such as towing, car rental and glass coverage when it comes to choosing an auto insurance. On paper increasing deductibles allows customers to save a lot of fees annually. The fact is in most cases you wouldn't need these services and end up paying a higher premium. Even if you were to pay for towing once in a year it would still be lesser than the difference you pay in the premium.
  • Homeowners Insurance – In case of home insurance you can actually save a lot of money on the deductibles as you can easily use the same savings to cover the risks. What you need more is coverage against natural disasters such as an earthquake, hurricane, floods and fire.

It is important that you talk to the experts when it comes to buying life, auto or any other kind of insurance plan. It should solely be based on your needs and offer you adequate coverage. DePasquale Insurance Agency ( is one such agency that has served customers in Pittsburgh, Robinson Township and Sewickley and other places Pennsylvania. They have trained agents who are well versed in different insurance policies and help clients in choosing a plan after assessing their needs.

Lawrence Smith has been dealing in auto & life insurance for more than a decade. He assesses the needs of his clients and offers and helps them in choosing the right insurance plans.

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