How to Apply Home Loan Online

It's not only a possession but a pride which one can gain to have ownership of their homes. It boosts the stability and emotional security of a home loan seeker, yes, they too can realize their dreams.

For applying for the online home loan, an applicant has to abide by the following three steps:

  • Get to know about his/her eligibility
  • Loan Offer
  • Filling up the application form
  • Documents required for Home Loan:

    Age & Identity Proof

    Residence Address proof

    Income Proof i.e. salary slips, from 16, income tax return

    Obligation Details with statement of accounts

    Property Documents, if the property is finalized i.e. Allotment letter of agreement of sale & previous property chain link documents if the property is being resold

    Apply Home Loan Online in SBI:

    Looking forward to applying for SBI home loan? Login to SBI website and apply online for home loans. Before that, an applicant needs to fulfill the eligibility criteria as under:

  • Specify the existing mode of relationship with SBI i.e. home loan, salaried account, or other deposit or loan account. If applying as a fresh applicant, then select the option 'No'. For that, an applicant needs to give the property details such as the purpose of the loan(purchase/repair/balance transfer/pre-approved loan) along with other details such as date of birth, gender, resident type(Indian/NRI), also income details and preferred location for availing loan. An applicant may have the option to add a co-applicant for home loans.
  • If already having an existing relationship, then provide the account number & mobile number with ISD code
  • Once the applicant's details are up to the satisfaction of SBI norms, the website will further show the home loan offers, an applicant has to select. Once it is done, then an applicant has to fill up the application form for completing the process of applying for home loans.

    Apply Home Loan Online HDFC:

    Get the lowest rates available in HDFC so as to make the application on home loans easily approved. Just enter the following details in HDFC application form.

  • Applicant's name
  • Date of Birth
  • Office & Home contact details
  • Income details specifying the employment details such as whether salaried, self-employed business, self-employed professional, student, retired and homemaker
  • An applicant needs to specify whether he/she is a new account holder with HDFC or an existing one.
  • An applicant needs to mention about any property he/she may hold. Also, give the details of property value & property location.
  • Once the details are submitted online, a representative would assess the eligibility criteria of an applicant with the bank. When the applicant fulfills the criteria of the bank, documents will be collected. Post meeting the criteria of documentation processes, the loan eligibility of an applicant will be determined. Subsequently, the loan would be sanctioned after confirming the loan tenure and interest rate with him/her.

    Apply Home Loan Online LIC:

    In order to apply for LIC home loan, enter the following details on the website of LIC:

  • An applicant's full name
  • Date of Birth
  • Contact details such as phone number & email ID
  • Place of residence
  • Pin Code
  • Occupation details
  • Total monthly EMI for running loans(if any)
  • Provision of adding a co-applicant(if yes, enter the name)
  • After submitting the details, getting it verified & documents collected, LIC home loan would be sanctioned to an applicant.

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