Home Insurance is Essential to Have if You Live in Spain

Spain is susceptible to floods, fires and break-ins. Home insurance will protect your investment and ensure your home is safe. Similarly, despite the hot summer weather, Spain is exposed to cold winter months – often as cold as the UK. Therefore you still need to be aware of freezing pipes, but taking simple steps like leaving the heating on can minimize water damage. Home insurance is there for the times when these steps don't work.

A beautiful home in a gorgeous Spanish city needs protecting, whether it is a permanent or holiday home, insurance is vital. However, it's easy to just take the first policy you find but that policy might not be right for you. Before taking out a policy, be certain you understand what is covered and what are the restrictions of your policy. Also, check the limits for the maximum claim and read the terms and conditions in full as this will help prevent any unpleasant surprises should you have to make a claim. Remember, that sometimes the cheapest policies aren't always the best for value; some things just aren't worth penny pinching on. If it is a holiday home, keep it in mind even when you can't see it, as things can still happen to it. Perhaps leave a key with a trusted neighbour or friend who could come in and check on the property when you aren't around to do so.

Home insurances protect your assets; and in Spain can be taken out as buildings cover, contents cover or both. The more you cover, the more it will cost but the more protected you'll be. Building insurance covers the structure and fixtures of your property. The figure is based on what it would cost to rebuild your property, not buy it new. Whereas Contents cover insures your personal belongings that are not structure or fixtures. This can range from electronics, artwork to jewellery and clothes. Financial and lifestyle protection against various risks is guaranteed with home insurance. A great insurance company, should the worst happen, can take away the stress of organizing it all and will assist you when making a claim. They will ensure the claim is dealt with quickly and fairly.

Please be aware then buying a home in Spain that if you have a mortgage on the property it is a legal requirement to arrange suitable home insurance cover. You'd be silly not to want to protect your home, investment and future.

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