Health Insurance Policy – Mandatory for Everyone!

Exorbitant cost of living, lack of employment opportunities, less remuneration in jobs, if at all available, day-to-day tension because of hectic work schedules, compelled new lifestyles (both husband and wife working), all sorts of pollution, traffic jams, contribute to various uncalled for diseases. No wonder around 70% of adults are patients of hypertension and diabetes. With no sufficient liquidity in hand, one is left on the vagaries of going in for insurance cover for healthcare. Disease does not come informingly. So at the time of any disease, you need finance to meet the unforeseen arrival of expenditure. So, better buy a medical insurance policy depending upon your own means and needs.

With the market flooded with many kinds of plans like life insurance plan, personal accident plan, critical illness plan and so on and so forth offering health coverage, one can get perplexed about of buying many insurance policies for various coverages and loading yourself with a number of documents to take care of. Instead why not to go in for a single health insurance plan, which will, as a single document, satisfy all your needs. With alternatives and deductibles, you will certainly find a cost-effective insurance plan to your entire satisfaction. You will agree that the main purpose of purchasing insurance is to get compensated satisfactorily and efficiently towards the expenditures borne due to treatment, hospitalizayion, doctor's fees, etc. It can be well served by buying one comprehensive health insurance plan for self, family and dependents, allowing your documents always handy along with single renewal worry. Therefore there is no doubt that comprehensive health insurance plan is the best health insurance plan.

Why Health Insurance Policy is Must

To ensure financial security vis-a-vis your unexpected healthcare needs you need a health insurance policy. Instead of opting for various health insurance plan for different diseases necessitating to take care of a bulk of documents with various formalities to handle, it is always preferable to have one comprehensive health insurance plan. Single insurance plan will allow keeping care of only one company's documents, which will be always handy with you to present in an hour of need, when for you complete the formalities the time will be short and moment crucial. Opt for as high a cover as possible. Simply by applying your mind a bit, you go in for certain alternatives and deductibles, which will minimize your premium.

Salient Features of Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan

  • Benefits till old age by going in for renewal of policy every year.
  • Cashless facilities in thousands of excellent hospitals for hospitalization, treatment, room rent, doctor's fees, etc
  • Income tax benefits under section 80D and 80DD of Income Tax Act.
  • Policy renewal facility for life time
  • There is no age-limit to avail of this policy
  • There is no medical check-up for insured under 46 years of age
  • You enjoy the facility to transfer your insurance policy to another insurer. Persons between the age of 5 months and 65 years at the beginning are covered, with life-time renewal.

Online Health Insurance Policy

It is advisable to opt for online insurance, to avail of many advantages. Sitting at your house or office you can for some online quotes from various companies and concentrate on them to choose the one suitable for you.

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