Health Insurance in India – A Right Tool To Protect The Smile Of Your Loved Ones

Irrespective of the fact that we all are prone to health diseases at any point of time, we ignore the importance of buying health insurance in India. The current hectic work schedule, unbalanced eating habits and sedate lifestyle are some of the common reasons for affecting someone's health negatively.

Although these conditions can cause seriously damage to our health, but with the purchase of a right health cover, we can reduce the financial burden on our family to a great extent. These policies can prove to be a boon for those who are the only person to earn in their family and have many dependents. They take care of all the medical expenses incurred during the hospitalization.

Different Types of Health Insurance – Choose Which One Suits Your Needs

Mediclaim Policy – Known as the hospitalization expenses reimbursement policy, mediclaim plans pay for the expenses incurred while having the treatment of any disease/illness caused due to any accident. Expenses incurred outside the health care facilities are not covered under these health insurance policies. Costs of doctor's visits while individuals are not hospitalized, and the expenses of tests are also not paid by the many insurers. They also not cover the expenses incurred on treatments such as obesity, cosmetic surgery, etc.

Critical Illness Plans – The role of critical illness plans becomes so important when an individual contracts a serious disease/illness such as organ failure, stroke, cancer, etc. These policies are meant to create a corpus to prepare income that can be used to replace the loss of income.

Daily Cash Allowance Policy – Under these health insurance plans, a fixed sum of amount is paid by the insurer for every day spent in a healthcare facility. According to experts, these third types of policies are again a supplement to and not a replacement for a mediclaim plan.

Don't Bother about a few Things

Medical examination before your health insurance policy is issued

All insurance companies get ready to pay 50% of the medical examination cost if they show their positive attitude in issuing a policy to an individual with pre-existing disease.

Coverage of Pregnancy

There are only a few insurers who cover this only after a waiting period of approximately 4-6 years. The insurance cover given to the individuals is also limited to 15-50 thousands, depending upon the type of delivery.

Things You Should Need to Know

It's good for the policyholders to inform the insurance companies about any history of past treatment or diseases to avoid any delay while claiming for the amount. Don't forget to read brochure of your health insurance plan in India. Always compare health insurance quotes before making your final decision.

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