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Sage 50 is accounting solution crafted by Sage Corporation to deliver small and medium industries the best solution for accounting and commerce. Sage 50 was designed for small firms only while with the growing demand in the industry due to efficiency of the accounting solution, the application was oversubscribed by the customers. Business owners were able to operate their company magnificently with this application. Sage 50 was previously known as Peachtree software for accounting management which was acquired by Sage and redesigned for the industry and businesses. Firms that required this solution was small or medium sized which has less than 50 users to operate the accounting solution. The application is accessible to 50 or less users only and hence any SME can consider for business management. Small and medium enterprises can install the application for their firm as it has all the accounting modules for accounting. Some most common modules of accounting are payments, payroll, reporting, invoicing, inventory, customer management, value added tax and manufacturing. Some customers can select customized product for their firm to get their required solution.

Accounting software:

The automated real time application Sage 50 online accounting solution is a mobile and desktop accounting solution for SMEs that offers free apps to its customers. With advance IT technology solution for sage 50, clients and professionals of self-employed firms can now manage company trade on mobile and stay connected to company trade all the time. These applications can be installed on a smart device like mobile with internet services and a web browser and the application is easy accessible to authorized users. Users with less knowledge on this application can install the free trial version to get advance knowledge and learn accounting. The 30 day trial Sage 50 can be installed on any device either tablet, laptop or mobile because it is flexible and compatible to all system configuration. The users can learn the application process for 30 days unlimited. Users can switch to webinars, tutorials and videos further to access unlimited learning of the application. Customers can use sage 50 app to work on tablet or mobile device with Sage 50 applications hosting on cloud or desktop. Sage 50 online accounting software cloud hosting is online hosting of the application while desktop is a traditional approach.

Sage 50 online accounting on cloud is web based solution that is accessible from remote servers. The online hosting of the application allows users to access the application from remote servers anytime anywhere. Customers have freedom of access, freedom of device and freedom to work based on access preference. Online accounting software is low cost solution to business which is also available on subscriptions. The subscription feature allows users to ways manage cash along with savings. Cloud hosting of app updates users on the trades and businesses all the time. Add-ons and add-ins are available for on demand customers to SMEs. Sage 50 on cloud is secure online services as the data hosted online are encrypted.

Emily Roser Photo Amenda Ray is an accountant with SageNext Infotech. With the company, she consults the client accountants about the benefits of Sage 50 online accounting and Sage 50 hosting . She is having expertise in project management and accounting operations.

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