Five Things You Should Know Before Buy Land in Accra

Buying land has always been considered a kind of toughest task, where you need to keep various points in your mind. If you are also going to buy land in this beautiful location, then do not forget to consider these five most important points in your mind. Let's check out what is all about the important things to consider.

The Important Five Things To Bear In Mind

  • Search Process – After examining the background of the seller, you need to pay attention over Lands Commission in order to examine if the land actually belongs to any group or individual. The whole process actually takes approximately two weeks. But the important thing is that this point cannot be ignored at any rate if you do not wish to go through any sorts of trouble or unpleasant experience. Buy Land In Accra is not tough if you follow this point. This expert suggested point holds magic to keep you safe from occurring unpleasant situations.
  • Time To Hire Independent Surveyor – It is considered essential as it plays a wide role to cross-check the land against the site plan so you will not go through any sorts of unpleasant experience. Hiring independent Surveyor is also considered the best in order to reduce the risk of dispute. When you head to Buy Land in Accra, you must consider this point in order to stay safe.
  • Paper Work Must Be Solid – Before making any kind of payment, you need to draft a purchase having a transfer agreement endorsed by you. Apart from it, this thing also helps your lawyer assist you in preparing such an agreement to save your interest.
  • Diligence Is Required – Before purchasing a piece of land, you need to pay attention over making enquiries and checks. As per the land commission, there is no any kind of standard procedures to follow in order to acquire land in Ghana. Because of this point, you require staying up-to-date since it increases the risk of buying a disputed piece of land. You need to keep your eyes open all the time in order to grab the right kind of property. You need to do all sorts of required enquiries in order to stay away from the seller indulged in fraudulent behaviour.
  • Register With Lands Commission – It is a land commission that serves you title certificate and cadastral plan at a later date. You must not ignore the importance of it.
  • Some Important Things That You Need To Keep In Mind

    • It is a long term investment and that is why there is a need to pay attention a lot before buying it. In order to turn your decision into a successful point, you need to go along with all necessary points.
    • Never underestimate the value of location since it plays a major role to either lift up the value of your property or bring it down.

    So, what are you thinking now? It is time to consider all these points in your mind if stepping out to buy the land.

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