First Time Home Buyers – How To Make The Perfect Deal

There are many milestones one achieves but buying a home is regarded as one of life's most defining moments. But buying a home is not as easy as it all looks. Zeroing down on a neighborhood, scouting for a house that meets your requirements and budget are complicated procedures to fulfill a long-desired dream. When you go looking for your dream house, you can easily be drawn to the superfluous features such as the granite and quartz counter tops, hardwood floors, fenced-in backyards etc. But in all the glitz and glamour you forget to check for the minute details that can later cause much unwanted headache. As a first-time home buyer your excitement is understood. But you should be careful not to be blinded by the excitement and to consider a few things before inking the deal.

  • Exceeding The Budget – Before you plan to buy a property, you should be very clear about your budget. If you are unaware of the current real estate market, you can take the help of online calculator tools which help you calculate expenses. One common phenomenon seen among new home buyers is the tendency to be swayed towards expensive properties far more easily on flimsy grounds such as “I won't need to renovate the house at all, I can afford to exceed by budget” or “I am getting more than what I wanted, I don't mind spending extra”. But the reality is that there will always be hidden costs. Thus it is always better to settle for a lower-priced house.
  • Keeping In Mind Insurance Policies – Buying a property is in many ways a headache. When you live in a rented accommodation, you only have to worry about clearing the rent on time but buying a house means dealing with your mortgage payment, home insurance costs, property taxes and much more. Several parts of the United States are known for notoriously high insurance rates, so you need to know about those states and make the most of home insurance policies. While buying a brand new house, you also need to see if your down payment is less than 20 per cent of the selling price since that will increase your private mortgage insurance (PMI) substantially.
  • Over-estimating Your Annual Income – In the determination to buy a new house at the earliest, you shouldn't forget to assess your annual income as it stands. This means you need to be careful of how much you actually earn and not assume the income you would have in a year's time. Your current income should determine your mortgage and not your predicted rise in income.

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