Finding The Best Car Insurance Deals

There are hundreds of car insurance companies out there, with hundreds of different rates and deals, which can confuse you and make it difficult for you to find one that suits you. Here are some top tips for ensuring you find the best deal making sure you save money and time.

Don't renew, switch

Using a policy reminder service or an online storage system, you can set yourself reminders when your policy is due for renewal. When it is, make sure you switch providers. The company you have used for the past year will give you quite a high premium, whereas if you switch and use a different company, the rate will be drastically lower. Reason being, many people are just too lazy to switch, they will stay with the same provider because they think it'll save them a bunch of time, but if you switch, you'll save yourself a bunch of money!


Unfortunately, your age has a huge affect on your insurance premium. Young drivers are usually left with really high rates due to their inexperience, meaning an increased risk, which insurers don't want to be stuck with. Annoyingly enough, older drivers are often given high premiums too, because even though they have the experience, the amount of claims from older people is surprisingly high. Older drives should aim for comprehensive cover, while young drivers should look to get an extra driving qualification to lower their costs.

No claims

Having around five years worth of no claims will mean you get a greatly decreased car insurance. Insurance providers will take the stance that the less claims you have made in the past, the fewer you are likely to make in the future. So, be careful on the roads, don't get yourself into a situation where you have to make a claim and hopefully your insurance premium will continue to fall.

What car?

The actual car you are trying to insure will have a knock on effect with your insurance. In most cases, the less your car is worth, the cheaper your insurance, and if your car is worth less than 1000, then you should consider just getting third party insurance, as comprehensive cover may work out to be more expensive than the car. If you have a high performance car, or lots of modifications to it, then you may face higher premiums. Insurers will see this as an added danger and hike up costs accordingly.

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