Feeling The Love For The Pocono Mountains

Nearly every girl in the U.S. has at some point in her life looked at a bridal magazine, whether borrowed from a friend or having spent the money to own one of her own. Besides the amazing wedding dresses pictured, there were extensive ads for romantic honeymoons – with the favorites being the mountain or beach getaways. The beach offered water, sunshine, and romance. But the mountains offered something more, something special… a heart-shaped bathtub in a secluded location in the heart of the Pocono Mountains. Happy, happy couples staring blissfully into each others eyes and holding glasses of champagne pretty much sold me on a honeymoon in the Poconos. If, however, you want to stay in this part of Pennsylvania for longer than a week, real estate options are numerous. The area is not so far into the country that you can buy houses for next-to-nothing, but far enough that you can buy a nice home without breaking the bank. There has been a fairly significant drop in home values – in January 2008, the average price of a home was $202,000, but in just two years the average price dropped to $160,000. When compared to the rest of the commonwealth, prices are overall a bit higher on average where homes are valued at about $150,000. One builder in the Pocono Mountains offers new construction homes beginning at $118,000. As the location changes and with different models, the brand new homes increase to up to $250,000. All buyers can select the cabinets, carpet, counters, and even the type of stone used for the fireplaces. In addition to community developments, the builder will also build on the lot or acreage already owned by the client. Other real estate options in the Pocono Mountains include condos, existing single-family homes, and the option to buy multi-family homes where you can live in one side and rent the other. While the multi-family homes often enjoy the traditional Victorian appearance, they have all the modern conveniences including gas heat and cooking, spacious basements, and beautiful hardwood floors, wood trim throughout, and heated garage space. Pocono Mountain communities include four main areas: Carbon, Monroe, Wayne and Pike Counties. Where Wayne County offers wonderful fishing, Pike County features original settlements. Monroe County offers antiques and car races, and Carbon County specializes in winter sports and activities. The Pocono Mountains will offer something for everyone – honeymooners, first-time home buyers, families hoping for a good rural life, and folks ready to retire in an area that offers great outdoors activities.

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