Excel in ACCA Certification with These 7 Tips

ACCA refers to Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. It is a leading accounting body. The accounting qualification recognized in almost all other countries and is treated being equivalent to their local qualification. It is the largest and fastest growing qualification in the world

To get ACCA certification one has to pass the ACCA exams. There are various institutes such as ACCA institutes in Mumbai which provide valuable guidelines required for getting the ACCA certificates. Here are some tips which can be followed for getting the ACCA certification:

Planning Phase: Before preparing for the exams it is essential to plan for the examinations thoroughly. It is recommended that you not wait for the results of your previous examination to arrive as it will result in wasting some precious time. During the planning phase get familiar with syllabus and structure. The syllabus guide will let you know the depth at which a particular topic is examinable. Apart from relying on tuition notes from the best ACCA classes that you have got yourself enrolled in it is wise to review the ACCA approved study materials also.

Studying Phase: It is important to start early and try to set achievable targets everyday and try to cover the entire syllabus within a certain period of time so that it leaves you with ample time to revise. It is important to understand the underlying concepts behind a given topic as this will help in scoring marks in ACCA exams for application of the concepts in a given scenario. Building of foundation properly will help you further down the road as you will build upon those foundations in more advanced papers.

Practise phase: Along with going through the entire syllabus it is essential to practice past papers also to understand the trends. During practising past papers see that you complete it within the time allotted. ACCA students have the advantage of having model answers to past paper question from the examiner themselves. This gives them the insight of what the examiners are expecting out of them. Examiner reports are also published in ACCA global website after every exam highlighting common mistakes and problem areas.

Preparation phase: Before the exam it is necessary to revise well. If the exam centre is unknown to you visit the exam centre beforehand and access the time it will take from your home to reach the place. Always sleep well before exam day as it will help you to be in control and apply all that you have learnt during the past few months.

Performance phase: Before answering the questions straight away it is essential to use 15 minutes for planning and reading time. This will help you to produce more relevant, well planned and structured answers in the exam. Close attention should be given to the precise requirements of each question and answer to the point. Plan your answers and try following all the instructions carefully. Do not leave any question unanswered.

Review process: if you are lucky and able to manage your time carefully you will have some review time at the end. Review the question sheet first to understand if you have missed out on any question and then review your answer booklet for any errors.

After the exam: When you are out of the exam hall try not to waste too much time discussing the exam that you just finished. Instead look ahead and prepare well for the next exam. Go home, get good rest and come prepared well for the next paper.

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