Check Worldwide Travel Insurance Benefits and Plan Options

The main motive to buy insurance while traveling is to protect one from unanticipated troubles, which may strike during a vacation. Therefore, one should not ignore the importance of it, while travelling to other regions or nations. One should always check different policies, before opting for the best insurance plan; which will suit their requirements.

Which are the important pointers to compare plans before choosing the suitable insurance?

  • Always check out the top insurers and their travel plans
  • Select the one with lowest premium on travel insurance
  • Also opt for the plan, which can be bought online instantly (ensures less paperwork)
  • Travel is a vital part of life, as all of us want to enjoy some quality time with family, run away from hectic life, cherish special moments, explore adventure trip and opt for group excursion. There is also another segment that travel for business, conference, and corporate expansionists' views. So, at the end of day almost all of us are travelers'.

    However, traveling can also have its own perils; and one must weigh the risks it can posses. Expertsrecommends comprehensive travel insurance plan, considering the probabilities of future uncertainties. What are the main benefits of a good plan?

  • Loss of baggage in transit (even theft is considered)
  • Flight delay or cancellation
  • Last minute trip cancellation due to some complex issues
  • Loss of passport or travel documents
  • Medical evacuation due to emergencies
  • Personal accidents leading to injury or minor surgery
  • So, all complete plans will focus on these six points and will give coverage for them while traveling. Also the best solution to manage any complex situation during travel is to opt for worldwide travel insurance.

    Benefits of Worldwide Travel Policy:

  • Premiums are lowest (as it's region specific plans, so buying cost is comparatively low)
  • Low cost doesn't mean low on features or sub-standard product (guarantees high features and best network of hospitals)
  • Accidental hospitalization will lead to double sum insured
  • There is no limit per ailment
  • No maximum age limit
  • Benefit of pay per day rates applicable, instead of slabs
  • Automatically up-graded to business class in case of illness
  • Fast and cashless settlement
  • The plan is even valid for 'Schengen Visa'
  • Let's check the plan options:

    • Geographical scope covers 'worldwide regions excluding US and Canada'
    • Hospitalization expenses are covered
    • Sum Insured is in ('000) ~ US$ 50, 100, 300 & 500
    • Up to 'Sum Insured' is available for in-patient care
    • One can avail up to 100% 'Sum Insured in case of accidental hospitalization'
    • Out patient can avail up to US$ 50, 000
    • Daily Allowance for maximum 5 days (amount of US$ 25 / day)
    • US$ 1000 can be availed for up-gradation to business class
    • The plan also cover dental expenses up to US $ 300
    • Medical evacuation expenses up to US $ 10, 000 is covered within the policy
    • Expenses of repatriations of mortal remains is provided up to US$ 10000
    • Personal Accident expenses up to US $ 15, 000 coverage is avail in the package
    • For any reasons trip is cancelled or interrupted, than the losses will be covered up to US $ 1000
    • Any delay of flight or trip by 12 hours will be compensated with US $ 500
    • In both cases of loss of checked baggage or delay of checked baggage by consecutive 12 hours will lead to compensation of US $ 100
    • Passport will call for a compensation of US $ 300
    • In case of personal liability one will get up to amount of US $ 100,000
    • Single Trip maximum period of 365 days
    • Multi Trip maximum period of 45 or 60 days
    • Entry age for single trip is minimum age bar for entry is 1 day and no limit in maximum age bar
    • Entry age for multi trip is minimum age bar for entry is 1 day and 70 years for maximum age bar
    • Family option is available

    It is considered one the best plan for frequent travelers and even first time traveler. It's considered the real comprehensive worldwide travel insurance.

    This article has been published by Saif Raja, a regular blog writer on Travel Insurance Policy. You can find valuable information on Worldwide Travel Insurance that can help you get a best insurance policy.

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