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Being understood in a country can sometimes be difficult. With many various languages now being spoken all around the world the means of communication can sometimes become altered and affected. Frustration can become apparent when two people speaking different languages are trying to communicate with each other. In general people feel more comfortable with those who speak their language and understand their background compared to those who they consider outsiders. With so many languages and primarily English speaking companies those who do not speak English can begin to feel lost in the current and do not reach out for the help they need or desire.

We are an agency that places Latinos only in contact with insurance agencies in the area that can work directly with them. The agency explains that they will connect Spanish speaking consumers with insurance service providers who understand the unique challenges Latinos face when attempting to get insurance rates, that the providers will know where to find the best rates for Latinos and that the provider will only work with insurance agencies who are committed to serving Latinos. The companies' biggest thing is that they are Latinos and instead of trying to help the Latino community from the outside- they are inside the community helping because they are Latino themselves.

The company does not provide the insurance for the client rather they place the client in touch with five insurance agencies that fit them best. We Speak Insurance can help with homeowners and auto insurance for Latinos. The website is primarily in Spanish but can be translated to English if needed.

The website comes complete with an FAQ page that asks questions such as “how much auto insurance coverage do I need?” “How do I get the best coverage for my money?” and “what is homeowners insurance?” The company provides detailed answers for the commonly asked questions.

The website comes complete with a blog that is mostly in Spanish that discusses some questions about insurance for cars(aseguranza de carro), questions about homeowners insurance, and questions about insurance in general.

The company has a page where agents can become part of the network so that they are placed in touch with the Latino community. Some agencies already sponsored on the site are Esurance, State Farm, Allstate, Nationwide, and MetLife. The site also has a sidebar where you can get your free quote for car insurance, homeowners, dental, health, life, and traveler insurance.

The company provides links to a privacy policy and contact information directly on the home page and the bottom of every page. They also have an auto insurance tips page, a media page, a sitemap, and a latest news page, which has the most recent blog posts.

The company's motto appears to be We Speak Insurance, you choose the language.

Dalej Andro is a freelance writer and blogger and in this article, he writes about aseguranza de carro and seguro de carro

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