Avail Cashless Treatment From Hospitals Covered Under Insurer’s Cashless Hospital Network List

It does not matter if you are young or old, you need health insurance. The policy protects from sudden medical expenses that arise from illness leading to hospitalization. Expenses ranging from routine check-ups to hospitalization are covered by it, relieving you from the trouble of having to pay for them. This brings down medical costs and gives stability during stressful times.

There are many policies available, out of which one that most people opt for is the floater type. Here a single policy covers the entire family. In case any member in the family falls sick and has to get treatment, the medical expense will be reimbursed by the policy. With riders like Critical Illness policy and Personal Accident policy, you can get lumpsum amount in case of serious problems such as personal accident or critical illness. This money can be used for not just meeting medical expenses, but also maintaining the family.

Insurer's Cashless hospital list

One of the biggest problems that you face when you are sick and need money for treatment and hospitalization is making arrangements for cash. Getting required cash on time to meet hospital expenses can be difficult as you have to ask friend, relatives, else liquidate some assets for it. Now you can do away with such problems by making use of cashless insurance. The only requirement here is that that the hospital where you take treatment must fall under the insurer's cashless hospital list.

With cashless cover you don't have to pay anything to the hospital. When you are admitted, just show your insurance card and take treatment. The staff will fill out necessary forms for payment and submit it to the insurance company. The company will pay them for the expenses incurred in treatment. This coverage is available when taking treatment at a hospital in your city as well as another city across India.

How to get health insurance?

It is easy to get health insurance. There is no need to visit the company to get it as you can buy health insurance online. This enables you to get it faster and saves you from filling paper forms. Once the application is submitted online, the insurance company will review and approve it. All insurance documents will be sent through post or email. When a claim has to be made, call up the company's customer care number to inform them about it. Fill in the online claims forms and submit it. The money will be credited to your account, depending on the benefits that you have taken.

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