Avail Cashless Hospitalization Benefits with Basic Health Insurance Policy

Having health insurance is a must because even a day of hospitalization can result in heavy expenses. Rising medical costs makes it imperative for every family to take it. It is the only means of coping with sudden medical expenses which can affect the family severely. It is also a solace when you are emotionally distraught with injury or illness as it takes financial burden off your shoulders.

Health insurance is available for every age group and furthermore, till you are 55. There is no need to take any medical tests to avail it. You can opt for a basic policy that gives a minimal payout in the event of a health problem, to policies that give a large compensation for severe situations such as loss of life, permanent disability. Various types of medical costs are covered by it such as hospitalization, routine check-up, day care procedures and much more. The compensation takes away the financial burdens of medical bills which can shoot up easily even for a small treatment.

Get Treatment under Cashless Hospital Network

One of the key benefits provided by health insurance policy is cashless hospitalization. This is very useful benefit because there is no need to get cash ready when you have to take treatment or get admitted to the hospital. Just go into the hospital, show your insurance card number, take treatment and walk out. It saves time and energy spent in liquidating assets to get cash ready or calling up relatives or friends for assistance.

Imagine a situation where you are in another city for a short visit due to business or personal reasons. You have become ill and have to be admitted to the hospital. In a new city, what will you do for cash? It will certainly be embarrassing to ask a total stranger for assistance or even close relatives. It is in situations like this that cashless insurance proves to be really beneficial.

Apply for health insurance online

Buying health insurance is very easy because you can apply for it online. Just visit the insurance company's website to get a quote reflecting the premium, choose the plan and then fill in their online application form. Submit it and in a short while, you will get a policy number. Make your premium payments using any core banking method. While buying the policy, if you need assistance, you can call the customer support number.

For claims also you can call the customer support to register a claim. You have to fill in details about the health problem in a health insurance claim form. Make sure to fill accurate details so that claims can be processed quickly. Once you have submitted necessary documents for claim, they will be checked and money will be provided. The time taken to get money depends on the policy that you have selected.

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