Are You Trending Water or Sinking Into The Abyss of Negative Equity

In a report published by CoreLogic reveals an increase of homes that are negative in equity. In the last quarter of 2010 there were about 10.8 million properties under water in the third quarter compared to an increase in the fourth quarter of 11.1 million.

This translates to about 23.1 percent of all mortgages are negative in equity. With another 2.4 million homes nearing negative equity, Nevada has the highest in negative equity properties with 65 percent of all mortgages being upside down. Arizona and Florida come in at 47 percent of all mortgages being negative. Michigan and California come in around 32 percent. The average loan to value in Nevada is around 118, with Arizona at 95, Florida 91, Michigan 84 and Georgia 81 percent.

With the Dodd Frank Act enacting the qualified residential mortgage designation (QRM), which requires a mandatory 20 percent down payment, will restrict many from purchasing new homes. Certainly this new law was enacted to help curb and stabilize the lenders and reduce risk, however, because few homeowners have 20 percent equity or more in their homes leaves many in a catch 22.

As for the foreclosure assistance programs looking to push for more principal reductions by lenders and investors, this may be the only hope that many current underwater homeowners have of getting out from under their negative housing situation. If people cannot sell or refinance their homes due to continued foreclosures pushing down values in states that are already hit hard by many foreclosures and defaults, the recovery in the housing market is going to be extremely slow if lenders do not help to reduce principals owed on upside down mortgages.

Hence the 23 new lenders who will be participating in the short refinance program offered under the Federal Housing Administration.

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