Applying for a Grant of Probate: Probate Application Form PA1

Applying for a Grant of Probate: Probate Application Form PA1

Details of the deceased: The deceased’s name, address, occupation, and date of birth and death

The Will and executors

  • Is there a Will?
  • Were executors appointed? Name and details of the executors
  • Are any of the executors not applying for probate? If so, why is that the case? If a named executor doesn’t want to apply now but may do so later, the Probate Registry will provide a power reserved letter for them to sign.
  • Is only one executor taking out the grant of probate? If only one executor is taking out the grant, it may be prudent for a non-acting executor to sign a power reserved letter, even if it’s not anticipated that they will want to apply at any stage, in case the acting executor dies or becomes incapacitated before the administration of the estate is complete.
  • Were any gifts made to anyone under 18? If so, the executors (or trustees, if there are any) will hold the gift until the person is 18.

The deceased’s relatives

Details of the deceased’s relatives. This section plays a significant relevance in case there is no Will, as the list of relatives follows the order of entitlement to take out a grant of letters of administration on an intestacy. The list also helps in determining who should inherit where there is an intestacy or a partial intestacy (i.e. where the Will fails to dispose of all the deceased’s estate).

The person(s) applying for the grant of probate

  • Details of the executor(s).
  • Out of all the executors, who is the first applicant?
  • What is the relationship of the first applicant to the deceased?

This information is needed for the oath which will be sworn at the Probate Registry on the application for the grant. More importantly, in the case of an intestacy, this information verifies that the applicant is the person entitled to take out the grant of letters of administration

Download form PA1

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